The Story of Soumitra Raut

Creative, diligent, and hardworking are the words that exemplify Soumitra in a nutshell. Within the walls of Percipere (and beyond), he is known as one of the company’s finest SAP SCM consultants. However, before all, Soumitra is a PerciPeer, who cherishes every moment of being a part of this great team.

It is interesting that for an innovative person with an MBA in Operations and over a decade-worth of experience in SCM and warehousing, Soumitra’s journey with Percipere started at the brink of a breakthrough. He says,” Percipere was developing a mobile app for warehouse management and having the relevant experience and qualifications, I decided to apply.”

Notably, the PerciScan mobile app for supply chain operations, offering seamless integration with SAP Cloud ERP, remains one of the most successful innovations in the history of Percipere.

In fact, inclusiveness and stakeholdership are what firmly bind Soumitra to Percipere’s corporate culture. In his words: “Whether it’s a complex project or a fun activity, views, and ideas from everyone are considered. Accountability is given to individuals with trust and support. Here, you get help even without asking. In such an environment, even the most challenging tasks become fun and enjoyable.” Indeed, at Percipere, rather than burdened solely with accountability, team members are nurtured to manage them.

But how is it going so far for Soumitra? “It has been an incredible 2 years at work, and I have gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise from my Managers and Mentors,” he replies. While the duties entrusted to him are complex, Soumitra knows that he can count on the guidance of his seniors and the constant support of his teammates, allowing him to learn and build his skills on the job. After all, in Percipere, no one stands alone!

Percipere team
Percipere happy customer

This eagerness of our leaders to constantly inspire the team members to own business problems and maximise value for our customers keeps Soumitra, and the rest of us motivated on the job. He says, “a happy customer after a hectic, challenging and lengthy project is a significant source of motivation.” For those who are willing to step up, there is no lack of appreciation or encouragement at Percipere.

But Percipere is undoubtedly not about all work and no play, and Soumitra loves connecting with his fellow PerciPeers beyond the job. “While sports like cricket and table tennis keeps us bonded as a team, initiatives like Fitter Percipere constantly challenge us to maintain our mental and physical health,” he says.

In fact, we PerciPeers are a balanced lot, indulging in fun activities like picnics, pot lunches and festive celebrations while also participating in the company’s CSR program to give back to society. Also, we have an elaborate presence on social media. “Our LinkedIn and Insta posts are some more inspiring and entertaining aspects of Percipere,” Soumitra agrees.


Author: Silviya Ilieva

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