Smart Finance and Treasury Functions

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Automate key Finance and treasury responsibilities,  month-end closing,
invoice management and reconciliation activities, to boost operational efficiency.

Ensuring streamlined, compliant and on-time
Finance outcomes

Finance and treasury functions, although pivotal to your business success, are often at the lagging end of managerial priorities due to time and resource constraints. Percipere, as an Intelligent Automation leader, reliably addresses this gap. Our approach involves identifying and targeting efficiency bottlenecks across your finance KRAs like Vendor Onboarding, Invoice Processing, Period-end Closing, Reconciliation activities, Audit and Statutory Compliance Reporting using contextual automation to realise ROI within committed timeframes.

Finance Automation with Percipere

Invoice Processing

Leverage an intelligent document processing system that promises more than vanilla OCR capabilities and builds upon Percipere’s strong ERP experience and design thinking to deliver:

  • Advanced data extraction for low-cost and accurate capturing of data from invoices and other financial documents 
  • Smart P2P Process embedded with Machine Learning enhanced approval to weed out payment inaccuracies, boost turn around time and eliminate human error 
IA Finance - Period end Closure

Experience the power of intelligent solutions designed with Percipere’s deep understanding of the interplay between Finance ERP and ambient processes. With human-centric automation, they are built to take the pain out of period-end closing and allow your finance executives to do more while intuitively complying with evolving regulations.

  • Automated journal entries using a rule and template-based approach to routine tasks for minimising manual workloads 
  • Transparent and on-demand financial reporting using the PerciMEC cockpit, allowing high flexibility to provision resources as per your business needs and accelerating time to value for Finance and Treasury functions 
Vendor Onboarding

Extract more from your onboarding process by building upon Percipere’s leadership in ERP implementation to identify and bridge gaps with automation interventions, securing benefits like: 

  • Seamless, rule-based data capture and integration with external databases for verifying vendor details  
  • Robust compliance check and triangulation to auto ensure legality and conformance with financial standards 
  • Automated vendor creation in ERP and allied systems with push notifications for stakeholders on data changes 
Reconciliation Automation

Realise a better book closing and accuracy of financial records with timebound bank, account, intercompany, fixed asset, trade promotion spends, and inventory reconciliations across your enterprise operations leveraging targeted and connected automation by Percipere while adhering to standard ERP functionalities: 

  • Assessment and identification of discrepancies across your reconciliation processes 
  • Heat map-based prioritisation of automation initiatives using Percipere’s subject matter expertise, deep understanding of ERP and automation tool options and process mining capabilities 
  • Timebound book closing using the right automation interventions 

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