Leadership team

A team of technologists, thought leaders, and industry veterans brought together by a passion for maximising customer value and profitability through Digital Transformation.

Our Vision

Percipere bridges the gap between companies and their growth objectives through deep industry experience, innovation, and technology implementation excellence. We aim to simplify the application of cutting-edge technologies like Cloud ERP, Intelligent Automation, Advanced Analytics, Process Mining and Business Technology Platforms to alleviate modern business challenges. With demonstrated success across industries like Manufacturing, Media, Wholesale Distribution, FMCG, Healthcare, NBFC and others, we are laser-focused on delivering objective-oriented and measurable outcomes.

Our vision reflects the aspirations of our cofounders to be the world’s most preferred Business Transformation Partner that understands real customer problems, is essentially employee-centric and collaborates to win. Therefore, empathy is at the heart of every solution we develop. As our secret sauce, we nurture an intimate and enjoyable working environment that encourages innovation and motivates everyone to maximise customer value. Therefore, with Percipere, customers can not only expect first-time right implementations but bonds that last for a lifetime!

Prathamesh Bhingarde

Founder & Managing Director

Before founding Percipere, Prathamesh’s career took him from Associate Consultant to Senior Solution Architect over ten years, working with global market leaders for Media, Finance and Supply Chain. He travelled and lived across the globe, including the US, UK, Europe, Asia. He believes that his interaction with people from various geographies, cultures, and beliefs, expanded his horizons for life in general. It also allowed Prathamesh to build a network of like-minded individuals that today form the nucleus of Percipere.

As a technologist and thought leader, Prathamesh is passionate and nearly obsessed with simplifying the application of cutting-edge technologies to modern business use cases. As the Managing Director of Percipere, his biggest mission is to build the world’s most preferred “Business Transformation Partner” that understands real customer problems, is employee-centric and collaborates to win.

Prathamesh is a lifelong sportsperson. The importance of mental prep, navigating through team dynamics and the spirit to survive and sustain are just some of the key learnings he brings from the field to the boardroom.

Abhay Mehta

Co-founder & Senior Director – Delivery Services and Operations 

An SAP veteran to his core, Abhay has specialised in product development and providing customised and value-based solutions to various customers. As the Director of Delivery Services and Operations at Percipere, he is now responsible for managing Service Delivery globally and ensuring our customers’ success.  

Abhay enjoys spending free time with his kids and playing musical instruments. 

Rajee Bhattacharyya

Co-founder & Global Head – Strategy & Business Alliances

Rajee has over three decades of corporate experience across various sectors, including Financial Services, Insurance and Media. She has managed critical Operations, Process Engineering and Technology portfolios with SHCIL, IL&FS, SBI Life Insurance, Principal Financials and Times of India Group. Additionally, Rajee has been pivotal in driving the tech strategy across the Times Group and has been a part of the growth story of Radio Mirchi since its inception. She is a cost accountant, management grad from INSEAD, six sigma black belt, Blockchain & Hyperledger certification from Linux Foundation & Blockchain council, Masters in Certified Ethical Hacking, Security certification from Harvard University. Subsequent to her corporate stint she is a multi-preneur, with interests in a niche consulting firm in the Tokenisation space and actively engaged as Co-Founder of Percipere and FUTUROOT.

Rajee is an endurance runner who enjoys reading nonfiction books and writing articles, posts & poetry. Occasionally, she also relishes a good game of chess. 

Anand Argade

Senior Director, Innovations and Customer Success

A renowned thought leader and innovator, Anand brings a rich tapestry of experience spearheading complex digital transformation and process improvement initiatives for a global clientele. At the helm of the Innovation practice, he collaborates closely with solution architects, product teams, and subject matter experts to forge cutting-edge products and solutions. Anand’s expertise lies in leveraging the finest technologies and methodologies to deliver unparalleled value to our customers.

Beyond his professional endeavours, he cherishes family time and is an avid fan of movies and sports, finding joy and relaxation in these pursuits.

Sourabh Karmarkar

Co-founder & Senior Director, Industry Solutions

Sourabh is a senior SAP professional possessing over 15 years of experience in industries like Manufacturing, Professional Services, Wholesale Distribution, Media, E-Commerce & Warehousing, etc. At Percipere, he has played a pioneering role in building the company’s capabilities in SAP and non-SAP technologies. Under Sorabh’s leadership, Percipere developed products like PerciScan, the warehouse scanning application, the PerciRec open reconciliation tool, and the NBFC reporting pack on SAC and Planning Models. Also, he has been the chief architect of projects like the Content Expense Tracking and Accounting solution and Futuroot; the Process Mining Platform developed in-house at Percipere. Sourabh brings an extensive skillset to the job, including SAP expertise in Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Project Accounting, Financial Planning and Analytics, Business Technology Platform and Process Mining. 

 Sourabh likes to spend his leisure time playing cricket and in music as a professional percussionist. 

Kunal Gupta

Co-founder & Global Head – SAP S/4HANA

Kunal is a seasoned technology leader with 15+ years of hands-on experience across varied SAP products, specialising in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. He has a proven track record of delivering value-driven solutions tailored to meet unique business needs for organisations across diverse industries, including NBFC, Travel, Professional Services, Media, Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing and Public Sector. Kunal distinguishes himself in providing strategic guidance to customers, aligning S/4HANA Cloud initiatives with their overall business objectives, and maximising ROI. He is passionate about being at the forefront of SAP Innovations, driving continuous improvement and optimising SAP S/4HANA Cloud environments to keep Percipere’s clients ahead of the curve.

Kunal believes in the philosophy of continuous learning and spends his leisure time fostering the same culture within Percipere’s SAP S/4HANA Cloud Consulting team.

Pravin Deshpande

Senior Advisor – Supply Chain & AI

Accomplished Industrial Engineer by profession, Pravin is a veteran and a thought leader in the Supply Chain domain. Throughout his career, he has designed and deployed complex Supply Chain Management processes and worked across various industries like Pharma, Retail, Auto, Manufacturing, Logistics and Hitech. In his role at Percipere, Pravin leads our Supply Chain innovation practice in the UK.

While not working, Pravin enjoys writing articles on various social topics, learning more about quantum physics and listening to good music.

Vinay Pardeshi

Chief Technology Officer & Product Owner – FUTUROOT

Vinay brings a wealth of software development experience, focusing on architecting innovative solutions tailored for diverse industries. As the CTO at Percipere, Vinay leads a talented team in driving technological excellence and delivering cutting-edge software products that empower businesses to succeed and be profitable in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

 Beyond work, his interests include reading and listening to music.

Silviya Ilieva

Global Head of Marketing

Silviya has over eight years of Marketing experience in the IT sector and B2B space. She brings a diverse background, having worked in public relations, branding, and demand generation, crafting various campaigns to support the company’s growth. As Global Head of Marketing at Percipere, Silviya leads a dynamic team to ensure alignment between Marketing initiatives and the company’s vision and mission.

Outside of work, Silviya spends her time with her little daughter, and when she gets a minute, she loves drawing and crafting.

Kunal Moorpana

Director, Cloud Solutions

As a seasoned business development leader and expert, Kunal has built Percipere’s robust customer relations in SAP, Intelligent Automation, and all other tech verticals. His role as an Account Director is multi-spectral, involving revenue generation, booking new business, and building strategic partnerships across the UK and Europe, with customer success as its core.

Kunal is a people person, an outgoing and optimistic traveller who takes trip planning very seriously. During his leisure time, he is either on Google Maps pinning his next destination or sharing his opinion on upcoming tech.

Amol Vedak

Director, Intelligent Automation

Amol has over two decades of experience across the UK & EME markets, leading sales and business development functions in IT, engineering services and product companies. Over the years, his focus has been mainly on ERP, engineering and automation transformation initiatives. As Director of Intelligent Automation at Percipere, Amol is responsible for business development, sales & alliances for our Intelligent Automation and AI initiatives.

Amol enjoys spending time outdoors in his free time, doing DIY projects, and reading.

Pranay Mathur

Account Director – Cloud Solutions

With over two decades of expertise in Sales & Business development, Pranay has seamlessly navigated the dynamic landscapes of Fortune 500 companies and Startups alike. Pranay distinguishes himself by prioritising customers over sales figures. His strategic approach centres on creating meaningful, lasting relationships by delivering solutions that genuinely enhance customers’ experience. Explore the wealth of knowledge Pranay brings, shaped by years of impactful contributions in the business world.

Pranay enjoys singing and spending free time with his family. 

Vidya Kudva

Product Manager – Perciscan

Vidya is a Supply Chain Management Consultant with extensive experience in SAP. She has worked in various consulting roles for different ERP systems and modules throughout her career. At Percipere, Vidya works closely with the Supply Chain Management team, supporting them in solutioning and resource management.

Vidya likes to spend time with her family and cook delicious dishes while off work. 

Harshad Khedekar

Senior Account Manager, Cloud ERP

Harshad is a senior business leader and technologist with over 15 years of experience working for frontline organisations globally. He adds multiple expertise to Team Percipere, including Management, Consulting, Taxation, Business Development, and Business Strategy. Harshad is a seasoned SAP professional specialising in SAP Tax and Revenue Management, PSCD & Fraud Management, SAP Treasury and Risk Management and SAP Business ByDesign implementation consultancy. At Percipere, he is currently looking over Project Management and Delivery for SAP engagements in India and the UK. 

In leisure, Harshad enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. 

Chaitanya Shah

Senior Finance Consultant

With over a decade of hands-on experience in SAP finance implementations across various industries, Chaitanya adds a wealth of expertise and hands-on knowledge to our team. As the SAP S/4HANA Finance Lead Consultant at Percipere, Chaitanya spearheads strategic initiatives to optimise financial processes and drive digital transformation for our customers, ensuring alignment with their business objectives.

Outside of work, Chaitanya is an avid cricket enthusiast. The game provides him with a competitive outlet and fosters teamwork and strategic thinking, qualities that he seamlessly brings into his professional endeavours.

Maruthi Kona

Head of SAP Technology

Maruthi is a senior SAP professional possessing 17+ years of experience as an SAP Technical Architect and Principal Consultant. As part of his long and illustrative career, he has worked on various international and domestic projects and brings rich experience in SAP implementation, rollout, and support projects. As part of Percipere, Maruthi has worked on SAP systems/platforms like ECC, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private and On-prem and various BTP services, delivering solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs under the SAP Best Practice framework.

Maruthi likes to read books and explore different cuisines in his free time.

Akshay Farde

Senior Account Manager – Intelligent Automation

An Intelligent Automation Maestro, Akshay brings a wealth of experience and expertise to drive transformative solutions for businesses seeking to optimise their operations. He is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technologies like RPA, Machine Learning and AI to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Akshay has built strong client partnerships by understanding business objectives and building comprehensive roadmaps for success. From navigating organisations through digital transformation to providing strategic insights to maximise ROI, Akshay focuses on delivering tangible results that propel businesses forward.

 Akshay enjoys leisure time in activities like cycling, baking, and exploring nature. 

Saurabh Kalwint

Principal Finance Architect

Saurabh has architected solutions across SAP modules for both domestic and international clients. His multi-tasking skills have impressed a long list of clientele in Europe/UK, USA, Japan, Russia, India and Latin American countries.

 Outside work, Saurabh’s interest in management and preserving the Marathi culture has led him to be part of “Girgaon Dhwajapathak”, Mumbai’s first Dhol Tasha Pathak (Musical Band), for 20 years.

Siddhesh Parab

Senior Supply Chain Consultant

Siddhesh is a seasoned IT professional and a veteran with years of experience in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing function. He possesses subject matter expertise across supply chain modules and has hands-on experience with Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Third-party Logistics, Aerospace, Media, and Food Services Industries. Siddhesh’s long and illustrative career features successful stints with global leaders, steering complex technology implementations for customers worldwide.

Siddhesh likes to play cricket and football in his leisure time.

Aditya Rikame

Solution Architect – Intelligent Automation 

Aditya is an accomplished Intelligent Automation professional with over 14 years of extensive experience in Process Automation and Test Automation. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and has worked across diverse domains, including Banking, Healthcare, HR, Insurance, E-commerce, and Media. As a leader of Percipere’s IA practice, Aditya is now responsible for end-to-end support and project delivery.  

In his free time, Aditya enjoys travelling and reading books. 

Basim Wangde

Senior Technical Architect

Basim possesses a broad spectrum of experience as a Solution Architect and have significantly contributed to the product development and SAP implementation in various sectors, leveraging both SAP and non-SAP technologies. In his current role, he excels in architecting innovative solutions and leading a technical team towards achieving strategic objectives, emphasising skilful management and technical guidance.

Outside of work, Basim prioritises his fitness, engaging in regular workouts to ensure a balanced lifestyle that supports both professional success and personal well-being.

Abhay Patil

Principal Supply Chain Architect​

Abhay is a seasoned SAP logistics consultant possessing the expertise to recommend solutions based on the customer’s unique needs and best business practices. He specialises in influencing the opinions and decisions of clients using a deep understanding of the business processes and structure. As an SCM expert at Percipere, Abhay is responsible for delivering SCM solutions successfully within the realm and scope of the Statement of Work and assisting customers in developing processes and procedures that leverage the SAP solution functionality being deployed. 

Abhay likes to be with his kids and gardening in his free time. 

Jignesh Borana

Senior Technical Architect

Jignesh is a senior IT professional and thought leader who is always curious about technologies and their impact on business outcomes and profitability. Throughout his career, he has worked on a broad spectrum of technologies, from SAP ABAP and RPA to AI. As the Senior Technical Architect, Jignesh is focused on challenging the known boundaries of emerging technologies and addressing complex business problems with innovative solutions.

Jignesh loves playing with his son and tries his hand at cooking in his free time. Often, he takes on short leisure trips to seek inspiration.

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