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Percipere MedVision SAP Business ByDesign Diagnostics Package

Today, healthcare organizations face a complex mix of challenges in the seamless and effective delivery of targeted interventions. Rising operational costs, information asymmetry, inadequate supply chain visibility and inventory mismanagement can erode institutional capabilities to save and improve lives. Percipere’s MedVision SAP Business ByDesign Diagnostics Package promises to cater to the needs of modern healthcare administrators. It assimilates SAP’s ingenuity and our deep implementation experience for sustaining intelligence-driven and experience-guided diagnostic operations into a deploy-ready solution.

Scope & Deliverables

Supply Chain Finance Sales Procurement Human Resource Compliance
Demand Planning Accounts Receivables Customer Management Supplier Base Management Personnel Administration (HR Mini-master) Corporate Governance
Supply Planning Accounts Payables Product and Service Portfolio for Sales Purchase Request and Order Management Invoice Processing
Logistics Management General Ledger Selling Products and Services Supplier Invoicing
Inventory Management Fixed Assets
Intercompany stock management Tax Accounting
Tracking & Tracing Management Accounting
Payment & Liquidity Management

Business Solution

Percipere’s MedVision SAP Business ByDesign Diagnostics Package is designed to construct a seamless patient experience, ensure value-based care and improve treatment outcomes through first-time-right clinical interventions. As an SAP technology leader, Percipere is no stranger to the diverse requirements of the diagnostics industry. Hence Percipere MedVision has been built as an agile offering tailored to your unique mission needs. It can weave the Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Procurement, Human Resource, and Compliance functions across your practice landscape into a cloud ERP platform, simplifying orchestration at the scale and pace of your choice. Further, considering its pivotal role in critical healthcare, Percipere MedVision has been configured to deploy without disruption and deliver value within 12 weeks.

Business Benefits

Go Live in
12 weeks

Streamline Demand and Supply

Integration of CRM system to
Financial ERP system

End-to-end Inventory
management solution

Localized Package for Indian
Market GST, TDS, Asset Depreciation

Adopt industry
Best Practices

500+ Insightful Reports (Operational/ Management)

Quicker Implementation

Over 35% Cost Reduction

Client Quote

“We were able to leverage the integrated suite feature offered by Percipere MedVision, driving unmatched visibility and control across our various business functions. Since SAP Business ByDesign is highly scalable, we could integrate the additional diagnostic center operations into our SAP landscape within a few days. Also, with this cloud product, business continuity is assured, and we can work remotely. For us, Percipere MedVision has improved operational efficiency by at least 30%, with much faster month-end closures.”

–  Health Care Diagnostics Business | COO

Learn more about how the MedVision Package helped our clients navigate their business challenges and deploy targeted solutions.

Percipere has been recognized by SAP Business ByDesign as the
‘Emerging Partner of the Year 2020’

Do you want to learn more about how the Percipere MedVision SAP Business ByDesign Diagnostic Package can help you unlock business profitability and growth using SAP ingenuity in healthcare and best-of-the-breed implementation expertise? We invite you to get in touch with our panel of SAP consultants for a complimentary session.