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Percipere Responsive Inventory Optimiser

Leverage AI to address cash flow bottlenecks and enhance resilience across your supply chain

Practicing Inventory Management
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Percipere Responsive Inventory Optimiser or PerciRIO combines Percipere’s vast industry optimisation experience in process and discrete manufacturing and leadership in Intelligent Automation. PerciRIO is a smart, ERP-agnostic solution that uses historical data, market trends, and external factors empowering your Material Requirement Planners. It helps you calibrate mission-critical inventory levels to reflect current business dynamics, reducing overstock or stockouts scenarios.

Percipere Responsive Inventory Optimiser
Before PerciRIO implementation
After PerciRIO implementation

Business benefits of PerciRIO

Deeper inventory visibility

Inventory distributed across supply chain is often invisible and the problems are
compounded if some of manufacturing is outsourced. Visibility and tracking consumption helps maintain production flow and customer satisfaction levels.

Improved Cash Flows, release more of free cash

Excess inventory can trap cash regardless of the nature of the manufacturing business. Being able to continually benchmark inventory levels to meet macro dynamics and internal drivers is a critical need serviced by PerciRIO.

Better MRP for optimised inventory levels

A successful MRP strategy is essential for maintaining fit for purpose inventory levels. PerciRIO brings the best expertise in understanding ERP and supporting systems, combined with strong Automation experience to ensure cost effective approach to enforcing a good MRP practice.

Efficient order processing, replenishment, and fulfilment processes

Percipere’s manufacturing expertise, combined with strong ERP experience has been at the heart of delivering a successful automation enable solution like PerciRIO that will ensure discipline and adherence to enterprise MRP standards across the inventory management value chain.

PerciScan standard scenarios


Unload, Put Away,


Bin to Bin Transfer


Bin Location Count


Unload - Material
Sales Order Tag



Our ‘Out of Box’ enablers for
optimised Inventory Management.

AI/ML Cockpit for
efficient control

Built-in decision-making
engine for optimised inventory management recommendations

Seamless Integration
with Any ERP

PerciSCAN integration for Warehouse Automation

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