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Key Features

PerciScan is a robust SaaS application built to allow digitally forward suppliers to handle inbound to outbound logistics and everything in between with just a few clicks. It comes packed with multiple business-focused attributes and capabilities to make your warehouse management simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

User-assigned Pick Task

Rich and user-friendly interface

PerciScan Device

Seamless integration with
SAP Business ByDesign & SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Real-Time Printing of Barcodes and Tags

Automated task initiation and confirmation via scanning

Role-specific Task Management

PerciScan Device

End-to-End Warehouse Automation

Compatibility with third-party

User-assigned Pick Task

Strong integration with SAP systems

Rich and user-friendly interface

Real-Time Printing of Bar-codes and Tags

Automated task initiation and confirmation via scanning

End to end Warehouse Automation

Role-specific Task Management

Compatibility with third-party

Deployment Scenarios

PerciScan is a versatile warehouse management application that can easily operate with hand-held scanners and printers and can be quickly deployed across multiple warehouse activities, from goods order picking, packing, and moving to physical inventory count for handling scenarios like:

Inbound Logistics

Choose an intelligent solution that allows your warehouse management teams to handle all inbound logistics use cases with ease, including the inward of materials from external suppliers, internal locations or customer returns, including the handling units.

Key Features:

Inbound Logistics - PerciScan
Goods Movement & Replenishment - PerciScan

Goods Movement & Replenishment

Empower your personnel on the floor to address complex and high-speed goods movement and stock replenishment needs using a single, cloud-native solution that can handle everything from bin-to-bin goods movement, quality inspections, material scraping and internal replenishments.

Key Features:

Physical Inventory & Printing

Allow your warehouse teams to keep track of the inventory in real-time and administer tagging using a mobile app that can operate across hand-held devices and handle multiple use cases, including counting material stock in bin locations and printing linear or QR codes, sales orders, and dispatch tags.

Key Features:

Physical Inventory management PerciScan
Production Movement - Perci Scan

Production Movement

Keep your production operation streamlined, smooth and agile by leveraging a mobile-first app that lets your teams keep tabs on every process step, including moving goods from storage bins to production supply areas, additional replenishments, and transfer for quality inspections

Key Features:

Outbound Process

Adopt a one-of-a-kind mobile solution that helps your warehouse teams keep your outbound processes lean and efficient, allowing them to handle material issues against customer orders or internal orders and supplier returns using an integrated, hand-held platform.

Key Features:

Outbound Process - Perci SCan

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Customer Reviews

“At Boodmo, we are a leading distributor of specialised automotive components, with over 20,000 products in our inventory. PerciScan has revolutionised our stock management, covering everything from inbound to outbound across all our warehouses, integrating in real-time with our SAP ERP landscape. The application has been pivotal in helping us to realise automated, paperless, and efficient processes. It has powerful features to address stock alignment challenges, including simplified barcode printing and a user-friendly interface. With PerciScan & SAP, Boodmo has evolved to embrace the future of warehousing.”
boodmo - PerciScan
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