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The strategic imperative of


A well implement SAP system has been the basis of several efficient operations for enterprises around the globe. However, with support for SAP ECC set to expire end of 2027, enterprise globally have embarked on a journey to upgrade to S4HANA either of public or private cloud.

Given the massive impact of macro dynamics, rapidly changing M&A landscape, global and local trends, rise of the environmentally conscious customer, geo-political tensions, changing regulatory environment locking the enterprise in a rigid set of processes predefined in an ERP may be less viable than would have been just a few years earlier. Enterprises are conscious and equally wary of the options to a tried and trusted SAP platform while also being equally sensitive to the significant cost and process implications of a wall-to-wall SAP environment.

Intelligent Automation making migration, safe, agile, and affordable

Intelligent Automation:

The need for flexibility, scalability, security for various enterprise functions and processes that sustainably differentiate the enterprise amongst its peers, while being cost sensitive are all significant considerations. The increasing reliability enterprise level alternatives which can automate functionalities, integration, reporting needs which can be optimally delivered with alternative automation platforms has given way for adoptions of proven alternate technologies which can extend functionality, enable citizen development, provide scalability, deliver security, ensure seamless integrations with satellite systems around the core SAP platform.

The opportunities span across various functional modules where the need to balance cost with secure access to an extended enterprise often provides opportunities to embrace enterprise grade platforms like UiPath which has proven itself consistently and today is a leader in the space

Percipere intersecting SAP Cloud ERP experience with automation expertise

intersecting SAP Cloud ERP experience

While there are several options at Percipere we have developed expertise across multiple platforms leveraging the depth of functional expertise, Core SAP domain expertise, and a very capable automation team all of which are supported by strong process mining and process engineering teams.
With significant expertise across the SAP ASAP & SAP Activate methodologies, and a deep understanding of all the tools and techniques, the Percipere team is extremely well positioned to ensure that we can play crucial roles in your SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA Cloud journey.

Migration scenarios covered

Migration scenarios

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