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At Percipere our teams challenge and chauffer discussions to identify, articulate and impact with meaningful automation for an efficient agile enterprise .Combining ERP, automation engineering and AI/ML expertise, we offer a full-service spectrum to optimise and automate your business processes.

Across the globe, Percipere’s intelligent bots are operating 24x7, supporting FT 500 clients and helping reduce costs, while improving your operational efficiency.

Our Intelligent Automation services

Finance & Treasury

Partner for relevant, right fit automation of finance and treasury functions to streamline month-end closing, invoice management, reconciliation activities.


Realise the power of intelligent procurement to free up capital, ensure just-in-time material availability, and meet customer expectations.

Supply Chain

Our automation solutions help optimise inventory spend, right size inventory levels, and build resilience across your supply chain with Intelligent Automation.


Maximise your revenue streams and relationships with artists, writers and designers with our Predictive Royalty Management solution.


Unlock automation opportunities. Avoid insufficient QA to harvest and get the best ROI on your SAP upgrade to S/4HANA.

Leverage Percipere's expertise to maximise on your investments in the following areas

Robotic Process Automation

Reduce rework and error injection with right fit RPA intervention and leverage AI to make it smarter so you can reduce processing spend, release bandwidth for exceptions management, & improved stakeholder engagement.


Enrich your RPA investments with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, OCR, and much more, creating systems and processes that are responsive, scalable, and self learning.

Process Mining

Deep expertise to help you understand the processes and their variants prevalent in your enterprise and identify the impacts of these misaligned gaps to bring focus on prioritising your portfolio for your automation and other corrective initiative.


Process Mining connects the dots by analysing the continuity of your business processes, pinpointing anomalies in runtime, and evaluating throughput to ensure the best possible outcomes at any given instance.


Percipere’s wealth of process, data and domain expertise helps recommend the best fit processes and embedded contextual decision rules needed to support enterprise business decisions.


Whether it is data at rest or in motion, count on Percipere’s process and domain expertise to configure the Ingestion Engine to track data dependencies across your enterprise ecosystem & beyond for consumption into Process reengineering or digital transformation initiatives.

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Leverage Percipere’s expertise to design better iPaaS for maximising the opportunity for automated execution and management of integrations between your processes, services, applications, and data, deployed across different environments.


Leverage our expertise in Process Intelligence, Intelligent Automation and AI, in your Advanced Analytics initiatives to deliver deep insights for incisive business planning, operations and forecasting.

User Experience

UX is critical to ensuring your stakeholders embrace change and make it a habit. An intuitive UX interface enables your stakeholders to effortlessly extract the most out of the human-machine interactions.

Visualise beyond the hype!

Bot-driven process outcomes are error-free, ensuring much greater conformance to Standard Operating Procedures and can optimise your operational overheads. Use the Percipere RPA ROI Calculator to estimate the cost of automating your business processes and the financial benefits you tend to derive from such investments.

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