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Professional services operate in the tertiary sector with official professional training and license for operation. It can be divided as: project-centric businesses, contract-based service providers, or a mix of both. The most common of these are:

  • Consulting Services: For example management consulting, process consulting, engineering and IT consulting.
  • IT Services & Business Process Outsourcing: Project & contract-based work like managed IT services, IT infrastructure services provider, application & data management.

Issues Abundant

  • With people as the core assets, maximization of margins are constrained by incremental variable cost of labour with the pre-requisite- standardisation of service delivery and support processes, to improve profitability.
  • Maximisation of employee utilisation is the key to improving profitability which requires forecasting demand, developing and managing resource supply- internal and external, needing a good support system to manage the same.
  • Streamlining of processes is essential to ensure on-budget and effective execution. Revenue leakages can be addressed only if key processes like service delivery, accounting, and billing are automated and integrated together.
  • It is imperative to manage services delivery and project execution right from the first contact with the customer till the point of revenue realisation and cash collections. Fragmented systems with individual components that are not synchronized cause unreliable reporting, excess rekeying, and lots of delays and inaccuracies.
  • Project delivery traditionally has been challenging with respect to meeting timelines requiring real time visibility from initial scoping to final billing – into all aspects of project delivery to increase effectiveness and improve the bottom line.

Solution of A Kind

Ensures processes are timely on-budget and effectively executed –

  • SAP Business ByDesign offers end-to-end business scenario in one integrated system which includes operational as well as financial data.
  • Use the best pre configured processes built on best practices to plan projects consistently and efficiently.
  • Utilize project plans as basis for reliable customer proposals.
  • Continuously monitor contracts with project progress so that timely change orders can be triggered
  • Billing facility in SAP Business Bydesign ensures that invoices are sent accurately to customer.
  • Integrated Resource Management helps in the discovery of right resources for the right projects to improve utilization and maximization of profit.
  • Helps to understand profits, costs and margins
  • Tracking projects along with recording and managing time and expense with appropriate analytics using Mobile applications.
  • Facilitate a single source of truth with respect to the Project and ensure better collaboration

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