Technology Management Consulting Services

Navigate today’s competitive, rapidly changing economic, business and industry eco- system with adequate and updated technology.

Stay ahead of the curve from Strategy to Execution

The only thing certain in a business is uncertainty. In a highly disruptive world, keeping pace with the accelerating rate of technology changes is incredibly challenging. Hence, It is imperative for businesses to keep reinventing themselves to stay relevant in the ecosystem. Organisations need agile reinvention for sustained growth and businesses need to go beyond the normal to strategise, engineer value proactively and effectuate change optimally.

Transformation Advisory

Build the most optimum strategy to pursue a transformation journey that is business specific and inline with your needs


Assess value of business transformation projects accounting for risks to determine true ROI & measure performance vis-a-vis objectives


Translate business strategy to technology innovation, offerings transformation, execution, support and maintenance to suit business needs

Transformation Advisory

Transformation is taking the giant leap, and going beyond incremental change. It involves rethinking business and operational models and delivering not just solutions but breakthrough values. In this digital economy, enabling new paradigms through technology is not just necessary but inevitable. To help businesses in this journey, the support from a right partner with the right mix of agility, expertise and ownership cannot be undermined.

Percipere Offerings:

  • Understand business objectives and recommend best alternatives based on the overall business strategy.
  • Assist in developing long as well as medium-term implementation roadmap along with the identification of short-term quick wins to help organisations maintain their edge and ensure maximised ROI
  • Guide and support clients in their IT system revamp, process re-discovery and user experience through technology transition and consulting their business transformation journey.

Value Assurance Services

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the measure of actual value derived, true efficiencies achieved need to be objectively measured. Value proposition versus value derivation is the key to ensure that businesses are growing consistently constantly evolving in the future. A lack of focus on value assurance in disruptive times can leave powerful corporations lagging more agile competitors.

Percipere Offerings:

  • Programme validation by measuring the key objectives with the costs, investments and risks associated with it.
  • Value cum risk assessment to understand the projects holistically and recommend the right solutions and mitigations.
  • Realizing and measuring business benefits and outcomes out of the projects and assess the value derived against the value forecasted.

Management Advisory

The quantum and the speed of change makes it impossible for organizations to evolve organically step by step. The change required is not just inorganic but at scale and rapid. The path to leadership warrants a thorough understanding of the current trends, technologies and solutions to fast track the progress. Staying at the forefront of business and technology landscapes to capitalise on imminent disruptions no easy task.

Percipere Offerings:

  • Advisory on technological solutions available along with guidance on the associated change management plan.
  • Redesigning of structures including organisation structure, roles & responsibilities and support through the business transformation journey.
  • Technological solution, recommendation, support and guidance through the mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

The Percipere Advantage

  • Capabilities Value-driven consulting with domain expertise
  • Experience of engineering transformation with quicker time-to-value in enterprises across 35+ countries
  • Ownership and ability to go the extra mile, bridging the consulting chasm between advisory to grounded execution plans and outcomes