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INSTA-FINPRO – Affordable SAP Cloud ERP Package for SMEs With Implementation in 8 weeks

The new economic landscape is connected, competitive, and highly disruptive. Yet, for digitally forward organizations that are not shy to embrace the change, it is full of market opportunities like never before. As a fast-growing enterprise, you will probably agree that today, your business focus must also shift accordingly to adapt, differentiate and operate profitably.

Webinar Date: 28th September 2022   View More

SAP Intelligent Cloud ERP – A game-changer in this Digital Age

In the age of digital transformation, technology is playing an increasingly important role in making businesses more successful, profitable, intelligent, and efficient. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Process automation, and Predictive Analytics are new-age technologies that are transforming businesses.

Webinar Date: 25th March 2022.   View More

Scaling up Intelligently with Robotic Process Automation

As Canada treads along as a global economic powerhouse, backed by solid socio-political fundamentals, its business technology landscape keeps evolving at warp speed. Among other industry traits, the era is characterized by a heightened infusion of Robotic Process Automation into business functions, allowing Canadian companies to do more with less, at exceptional speed and incredible precision. No wonder, today Canada is counted among the most matured RPA markets globally, alongside the US, China, Germany, and Japan, predicted to demonstrate a CAGR of 24% between 2021 and 2026.

Webinar Date: 25th November, 2021  View More

Cloud ERP – A leap towards Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing supply chain is facing ambiguity of outdated management methods. There’s lack of visibility, delayed deliveries and many more; owing to which it has become highly essential for businesses to be a part of advanced technologies that aids in streamlining operations, leaving no information gaps.

Webinar Date: 31st August, 2021  View More

Intelligent ERP – Empowering Services Businesses

Digital technology is reshaping the world economy and enterprises are adapting to innovations at a rapid pace. Professional Services organization enhances performance of enterprises’ life cycle, whether it is a large or small scale enterprise or a SME.

Webinar Date: 18th August, 2021  View More

Transform your Finance & Supply Chain Functions with SAP Business ByDesign

Technology leaders are no strangers to change. And as a leader within your organization, you understand that now is the time to take advantage of technology that will help you navigate uncertainty and be better prepared for the future. SAP Business ByDesign is a software as a service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Webinar Date: 03rd June, 2021  View More

Transforming Customer Experience – Fast Tracking Distribution Success

The Wholesale Distribution Industry has shown agility that the pandemic has opened up opportunities for digitization. The digital transformation has brought in a change in the lookout towards digital markets that have brought new opportunities across geographies. Organizations should lookout for detailed planning and set milestones in place for digitization.

Webinar Date: 11th May, 2021  View More

Revolutionizing business and operations

Every enterprise needs the correct insights in order to build a Technology roadmap that revolutionizes their business and operations. As Process Automation experts, we are keen on supporting the Indian Manufacturing SMEs in their automation journey. As part of our support in the resurgence of Indian economy, we have started these series of engagements to discuss the right solutions and the way to go about it.

Webinar Date: 18th March, 2021  View More

Expand your reach to Global Markets with Global Bharat Programme.

As India enters Unlock 5.0, we are slowly seeing signs of recovery in the Indian economy. However, its complete recovery and aspiration to become future-ready mainly depends on how fast the MSME sector reinvents itself to become globally competitive!

Webinar Date: 18th December, 2020  View More

Unlock Business Value ByDesign.

Businesses need sound and stable automation to unravel and drive value, achieve their goals and unlock their potential. A single thread transaction system that runs across Shop Floor or Project Plan, to Production/ Procurement/ Material Planning or Project execution/ Resource utilisation, to Board room analytics and Dashboard.

Webinar Date: 11th November, 2020  View More

SME Catalyzing India’s Comeback.

The pandemic has taken a toll on India’s economy. SMEs are finding it difficult to survive in this situation and it has become essential to have a bi-focal vision in order to thrive. Join us to know more about the top three challenges faced by SMEs and what steps can be taken to overcome them.

Webinar Date: 07th October, 2020  View More

Cloud ERP, Paving its way for SME success.

Let’s look at the importance of cloud in the new world. It has become utmost important for Small and Medium Enterprises to adopt emerging technology in order to thrive in the ever-so-fluctuating economy. What is Cloud ERP? How does it help transform your business? Here we discuss answers to such questions and much more.

Webinar Date: 17th July, 2020  View More

SAP Business ByDesign for Professional Services and Wholesale Distribution.

SAP’s best kept secret revealed by Percipere!
This webinar exclusively tackles the pain points of Professional Services and Wholesale Distribution industry. Watch why SAP Business ByDesign is the perfect solution to power your business with one secure cloud suite from finance to SCM and CRM, Project Management, Sales and Procurement and HR.

Webinar Date: 08th June, 2020  View More

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