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Fast & Efficient People Management

Streamline and automate your repetitive HR workloads allowing your HR team to focus on the most critical business asset: your employees. Leverage the power of AI and Mobile stakeholder engagement with Percipere.

Building Smart, Responsive & People-centric Processes

Today’s knowledge-driven business landscape demands an efficient HR function to fetch, nurture, and retain top talents.

Percipere’s Intelligent Automation solutions automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and empower your HR team to focus on what matters most: your people. By automating tasks, from Hiring, Payroll, Leave Management, and Performance Management to Exit, Percipere frees up valuable time and resources, allowing your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives, employee engagement, and fostering a positive company culture.

Intelligent HR Automation by percipere

HR Automation with Percipere

Employee Hiring

Experience the power of a series of outcome-oriented automation that has been designed to help your HR team increase efficiency, reduce time-to-hire, improve candidate experience, and quickly access a wider talent pool through:

  • Automated sorting and consolidation of resumes into a single repository for centralised access, better organisation, on-demand search, and assured data integrity 
  • Summarisation and initial screening of resumes by parsing through extensive details for better consistency and matching of prospective candidates against job roles
  • Intuitive ranking and prioritisation of applicants based on closest fit with job specifications allowing faster and more reliable hiring decisions
Payroll management

Build an efficient and error-free payroll process by automating payroll posting from your HR system to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and reconciliation, promising peak performance through:

  • Seamless system integration to ensure that payroll data is shared in real-time, reducing the potential for errors and ensuring on-time payouts 
  • Complete alignment with the latest regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and fines and maintaining a complete audit trail as on-demand evidence of compliance during audits
  • High scalability for handling increased volume without a corresponding increase in errors or processing time, presenting an ideal long-term solution that grows with the business
  • Detailed reporting and analytics on payroll expenses, department-wise costs, and other critical metrics for informed workforce and financial planning decisions
Secure Exit management for Human Resource (HR)

Facilitate employee departure and securely remove profiles from all systems with automation safeguarding your data integrity, maintaining compliance, and boosting operational efficiency with:

  • Comprehensive system integration across email, cloud storage, CRM, or proprietary databases for readily checking and verifying the trace of user presence across platforms upon employee exit
  • Instant disablement or deletion of identified accounts as per the company’s policy and regulatory requirements as a safeguard against potential data breaches, streamlining the offboarding process
  • Automated reporting detailing all actions taken during the exit process for assured accountability and transparency during audit and providing inputs for continuous improvement
  • High scalability ensuring that the exit management process is efficient today and, in the future

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