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Percipere is an equal opportunity employer that is mission-driven in building an environment conducive to both individual and institutional growth. We believe that the success of our endeavour pivots around integrity and compliance of the highest degree to the code of ethical conduct and fair business practices. However, vigilance is a two-way street and necessitates multiple stakeholder participation.

Therefore, while already having robust oversight and enforcement machinery in place, it is also critical to gain a first-hand account of a potential employee and supplier misconduct to put a stop to it in totality. That is why at Percipere, we encourage anonymous reporting of such incidents to assist the investigators and resolve matters at the earliest.

Guarantee of Anonymity 

We strive to project procedural fairness and trust as key pillars of our whistleblower protection initiative. Regardless of their posturing, the system offers a blanket of confidentiality for all the parties involved, including the whistleblower, persons implicated, and those contributing to the investigation of the reported misconduct. We guarantee not to disclose, under any circumstance, the identity of the individual or group that uses the whistleblower system in good faith.

Percipere policy of whistleblower protection adopts a zero-tolerance posture on retaliation towards a whistleblower or those assisting in the investigation. It also precludes the possibility of a verdict based on hearsay, and the person/persons implicated is presumed innocent until the violation is proven and substantiated by material evidence.

Reporting A Violation 

It is essential that the information contained in the communication to the investigation office is objective and concrete. To ensure this, it helps if the incident is reported around the following broad headers:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • How
  • Where

The whistleblower is requested to stay available to answer further questions to help the investigators. However, this is solely at the discretion of the individual reporting the incident.

All whistleblowers are requested to report incidents at the following e-mail ID: