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The Percipere Approach to Intelligent Automation

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Our approach
to IA

Process discovery

Trace your ongoing business processes, analyses deviations, and identify potential automation opportunities with substantial revenue impact using Percipere’s integrated probing solution FUTUROOT.

Process intelligence

Convert process data into actionable insight in real-time using custom operational analytics solutions that allow you to manipulate data on a visualisation platform of your choice and keep track of your critical business metrics.

Process integration

Break silos and bridge your business technology landscapes, transforming your isolated legacy processes into well-weaved and highly synchronised digital operations.

Intelligent Process Automation

Combine RPA with AI capabilities like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Fuzzy Logic, and Computer vision, converting your iterative and high-toil workflows into smart processes of the future.

Cloud deployment

Use Percipere’s cloud-native capabilities to rapidly deliver, deploy and scale intelligent RPA solutions for your users, simplifying adoption even across use cases that appeared either too complex or time-consuming until now.

Percipere's 5E methodology

Visualise beyond the hype!

Bot-driven process outcomes are error-free, ensuring much greater conformance to Standard Operating Procedures and can optimise your operational overheads. Use the Percipere RPA ROI Calculator to estimate the cost of automating your business processes and the financial benefits you tend to derive from such investments.

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