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Take the pain out of complex Media, Fashion & Apparel, Furniture and Lifestyle industry-centric royalties management with a dependable AI/ML solution.

The art of
incentivising creativity

incentivising creativity

Enterprises in the Media, Fashion & Apparel, Furniture and Lifestyle industry have high levels on dependency on a loyal ecosystem of performers, script writers, song writers, artists, designers, innovators. This symbiotic relation is necessary to ensure the companies, brands and labels can maintain their brand differentiation, and continue to service their loyal customer and fan base.

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Royalty Management is a very crucial aspect which must consider the income across various channels and assets being monetised across the fans, followers, and patrons in case of artists & performers in the Music industry, or brand loyalists of designers in case of Fashion & Apparels industry or loyal readers, listeners & viewers in case of Media sector.

incentivising creativity

Along with Revenue streams for Royalty payments there is also an aspect of expenditure adjustments which must be considered for such royalty computation. In case of several high-profile artists, designers, and journalists /content providers these Royalties are often agreed in advance & baked into contractual arrangements with limited or little scientific methodology to such agreements.

Automated royalties management with Percipere

At Percipere we have demystified and addressed this Royalty Projections with artist/creative centric solution leveraging our AI/ML led approach to aggregate of opportunities for leverage of automation at the intersect of Revenue, Expense and Royalty computation processes, to ensure better contractual arrangements with artists/creative to deliver a win-win for all your stakeholders.

Business benefits of our smart royalty management solution

Improved stakeholder relations

Build solid contractual arrangements with artists, performer, designers, and others in your value chain based on scientifically structured reasoning.


Track and benchmark royalties with contractual arrangements in runtime to ensure learnings are continually contributing to enterprise knowledge base for improving future contractual arrangements and contractual terms.


Provide your Artists, Designers, Content providers with a scientific baseline for their genre of creativity based on historical evidence ensuring a fair win-win arrangement and improved visibility for all stakeholders.


Improve the accuracy in Royalty Provision Managements.

Improve your royalty management with Percipere

Find out how Percipere’s leadership in AI/ML and automation can transform royalty management operations unlocking top line creativity for your business.

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