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Eternal and evolving industry

Media is a highly versatile industry with long and matured evolutionary path. It has existed ever since the beginning of human civilisation through hymns, stories/mythologies, rock carvings and later as letters, newspapers, print advertisements, magazines, photography, radio, TV, films, advertisements. In the contemporary age it has transformed into digital mode like e-paper, OTT and social media. The complexity of media industry is compounded with the heterogeneity of consumer preferences and the evolution of digital technologies.

Disruption Offers Growth Possibilities

The digital age has spawned media production and consumption in geometric proportion along with compounding the challenges associated with media house management. The demands start with an interface across business systems towards software for content monetization and analytics.

  • Big data and data explosion posing a threat and providing an opportunity for speedier data analytics.
  • Agility in media management demands simplistic, yet effective form of audience management including the identification of target segment.
  • Decreased consumer attention with increased democratization of content has led to a streaming war among media companies who are battling for customer eyeballs.
  • The diversity in consumer preference mandates serving of targeted content along with targeted advertising that possesses a clear understanding of the demands of the customer to cater.
  • In the current age of digital disruption & market uncertainty/ turbulence, the magnitude and speed of change on various business elements including technology, is huge.
  • The risk of intellectual property theft and security issues becoming rampant, has warranted a greater demand for the protection of the audience data along with the security of media assets.
  • Increased instances of mergers and acquisitions for consolidation and strengthening of content libraries; brings with itself a plethora of complexities starting with cultural integration, employee morale to process standardization and system integration.
  • The digital media segment being nascent, the expertise to understand the processes in the new age and also manage the support system for business operations is limited.

Partner Of Choice

  • A strong media centric solution coupled with real business insights of the solution partners will help drive the business value throughout the journey.
  • Agile reinvention and transformation with the help of informed partners carrying deep experience will help in accelerating the change management roadmap.
  • Various aspects of media from broadcast, telecast, on demand, publishing and digital views will be delivered through outstanding data analytics capability along with a deep experience of the subject to identify the key areas of measurement to ensure delivery of analytics including predictive reports
  • Percipere has expertise of a strong technology backbone coupled with process understanding to spearhead the transformation in the media companies.
  • Percipere leadership carries several decades of experience in Business System Management in leading media implementations, giving it an edge to empathize and partner with companies in their transformational journey.
  • A proactive partnership on the technology space can help the business with the recommendations of the right technology fit including upcoming solutions with the sole objective of implementing technology for the business, but, not vice-versa.
  • A good partner with the capability to differentiate intelligence to form effective and profitable strategy helps in a healthy, long term partnership with sustainable business growth.
  • An ideal partner with appreciation of the security and data protection aspect will aid a smooth traversal through the challenges of balancing the information requirement with data explosion.

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