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Procurement Operations

Trust Percipere’s ERP expertise and leadership in AI/ML to transform your procurement practices, freeing up capital,
ensuring material availability, and meeting stakeholder expectations.

Achieve seamless procurement

Seamless procurement is pivotal to ensure a steady state of your business operations. However, if you are still relying on old-school procurement management, you are missing out on a lot due to limitations around a few or all these factors:

Next-gen procurement management from Percipere

With robust ERP implementation credentials, Percipere has played a defining role in transforming procurement processes for businesses worldwide. Percipere’s proven expertise in MRP and Procurement strategies, combined with our pioneering efforts in AI/ML, allows us to target these challenges at scale using a mature portfolio of platform-agnostic solutions.

Our Intelligent Procurement
solution portfolio

Purchase Requisitions Management

Use of AI/ML enabled reorder strategies to streamline the procurement process from creation to approval.

Purchasing Documents Creation

Leverage AI/ML frameworks & tools to create purchasing documents like contracts and purchase orders from the unstructured data across formats.

Spending Pattern

Reduce costs by identifying cost saving opportunities by analysing large volumes of data at high speed by using AI assist.


Use of intelligent procurement analysis for detecting and investigating abnormal spending patterns.


Use of AI in forecasting of early consumption of agreement helped customers to prioritise sourcing efforts.


Realise value by identifying the right suppliers for various projects by leveraging and integrating with external data sources.


Enjoy the assurance of a transparent and continually assessed supplier portfolio aligned with enterprise standards to guarantee the best sourcing.


Release from archaic MRP strategies to embrace AI/ML enabled industry best practices that address current business dynamics.

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