Next-generation ERP business suite with a modern digital core to mirror the depth of SAP S4/HANA Services

Why make the shift to S/4HANA Suite?

SAP SoH (Suite on HANA) offers users of SAP ECC to take advantage of the powerful HANA database engine. Benefit from the familiarity of ECC as the central ERP component and yet gain scalability and real-time reporting capabilities at relatively lower costs that are otherwise available as part of SAP S4/HANA Solutions. Handle highly localized processes in heavily regulated environments, bridge and automate processes, manage expansion into new markets with the agility of SAP S/4HANA Industry Solutions.

Suite on HANA is designed to enable enterprises upshift from SAP ECC for scale, performance and flexibility without a high risk move to SAP S4/HANA Services

Connect People, Big Data, Devices and Networks in real-time

Flexibility to try out new business models, accelerate application development and facilitates collaboration

Powerful and intuitive SAP Fiori-driven user experience and a single source of truth, just like SAP S4/HANA Solutions

Right combination of analytics and transactions for a simplified IT at reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Deliver value across LOBs with Suite on HANA

  • Concept of data simplification leading to additional performance benefits.
  • Ability for real time planning, execution, reporting and analytics on live data.
  • Earlier period closing with better forecasting.
  • Innovate on business models with flexibility to rethink business processes from the ground up.
  • Limited business involvement relative to a traditional SAP S/4HANA Migration Services project, thereby saving time
  • Right combination of analytics and transactions for a simplified IT at reduced Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Better service level in customer facing applications.
SAP S4/HANA Services

The Percipere Advantage


Team of Hands-on Experts that has been trained through the rigors of extensive ECC to SAP S/4HANA Migration Services

Minimal coding

Expertise to ensure we use minimal ABAP custom code


Limited business involvement in moving to Suite on HANA


Demonstrated core expertise in delivering bespoke SAP S4/HANA Solutions that are tailored to the business needs

Success Stories