Process Consulting Services

Data-driven process expertise to steer your enterprise to better efficiencies.

Give your organization the arsenal to deal with new business-as-usual in IT

Being responsive to market dynamics and changing customer demands requires rationalization of business requirements, running efficient processes and rethinking solutions frequently. High performance organizations need to strategise frameworks, think through process implementations, analyze risks and tackle security challenges in a connected world.

Business Process Management

Analyse, optimise and automate business processes with the core objective of improving process efficiencies

Evaluation Engagements

Objective identification, assessment and evaluation of solutions to make the right choice for growth


Get the right architectural support to handle complex landscapes and integration requirements

Business Process Management

Great Customer experiences and short turn around times are vital for survival in a market where churn needs no outstanding reason in processes. Businesses must create the framework for optimizing cost, compounding revenue and improving margins. It is imperative to leverage standard best practices in process management, rationalise business requirements to drive business value and stay updated with the best suited technology to serve business interests.

Percipere Offerings:

  • Strategic consultation by meticulously analysing the existing system to identify performance bottlenecks and scope for building efficiencies.
  • Comprehensive study on the best-suited custom technology solutions for your business.
  • Analyse business challenges and use latest and best of the breed solutions to tackle business process management.
  • Support your transformation journey through technology solutions, process engineering/ re engineering and operations change management.

Evaluation Engagements

With the growing business uncertainties and the next digital tsunami always looming large, business solutions need to stay at the intersection of evolving technology and business trends. Factors such as globalization, deviations in demand, competition and employee skill sets impact business processes and companies need to reinvent their operational efficiencies time and again. An objective assessment and evaluation to of solution choices sets up the business on the path to efficiencies – maximum possible growth rates and lowest probable expenditures.

Percipere Offerings:

  • Add value to the roadmap by hand holding the decision and owning the drive to business success.
  • High-Value Advisory for the best alternatives basis our sound understanding of industries/domain, business constraints and technology landscape.
  • Recommendations for implementation that will guarantee speed and efficacy of change.
  • Consulting expertise on ERP solutions best suited for individual organisations.

Solution Architectures

Multinational organizations constantly outgrow their infrastructure and system requirements due to dynamic business changes, leaving behind legacy systems feeding off and to the core ERP systems.Constant upkeep of system support, infrastructure and solutioning. Industry knowledge and expertise in managing upgrades and technology demands are vital for businesses to ensure reduced risk of failure and rapid adoption of new solutions. This warrants architectural support to handle complex landscapes and integration requirements.

Percipere Offerings:

  • Advisory on technological solutions available along with guidance on the associated change management plan.
  • Redesigning of structures including organisation structure, roles & responsibilities and support through the business transformation journey.
  • Technological solution, recommendation, support and guidance through the mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

The Percipere Advantage

  • Thorough understanding of the customers process landscape for enhanced user training and adoption
  • Ownership and guidance on strategic and tactical changes from decision to outcomes
  • Expertise in handling heterogeneous and complex technology stacks for monolithic and distributed organizations

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