Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods is a dichotomic world which is both interesting yet complex owing to the very nature of the industry with the diversity, heterogeneity it is dealing with. Consumer packaged goods includes health care & wellness, personal care & beauty products, and food & beverages. It is a highly margin-driven industry, with customer delight as the final goal and entails that customer engagement is a top priority.

Dichotomy of Complex, Consumer Driven Industry

  • In the personal care products, the changing dimension with increased awareness and visibility along with breaking away from gender stereotypes with fashion and beauty trends; is changing the contours of consumer packed goods very fast.
  • Food and beverage segment has a higher element for safety and quality parameters along with the consumer satisfaction and margin management elements. Process adherence and quality of inputs is even more critical in this segment.
  • Customer engagement being the top priority and customer delight being the final goal, customer mind share is the key and to stay ahead of the competition, branding and marketing are very important. Analytics is also one of the primary keys that aids in understanding where and how a penny is spent.
  • With customer driving this industry, and with price sensitivity leading to consumers constantly putting price pressure on brands, this industry is characterized by razor-thin margins. It becomes important to drive price efficiencies without compromising on the quality by improved production processes.
  • In the beauty and personal care space, the trend and season sensitivity requires demand signals to be precise in order to drive product innovation and devise advertising strategies. Predictive analytics helps in the identification and staying ahead of the demand to ensure that you gain from the trends and seasonality.
  • Safety and quality are critical aspects for health and beauty products; consumer satisfaction and margin management are key business objectives for this sub vertical which requires an integrated system across functions – finance, supply chain, procurement, accounts receivable management, payable management.
  • With growing environmental consciousness, awareness and societal audit around this, companies need to be better focused on the production process and operational controls to track, manage and dispense off their environmental objectives effectively.

Unravel Industry Demands with Percipere

  • Percipere carries the expertise in implementing the SAP Business Bydesign product which is wholistic solution to all requirements including production process, procurement, supply chain,sales, distribution, customer management, finance and controlling to drive business efficiencies.
  • SAP Business Bydesign provides visibility into business metrics across logistic chain and business partners viz., time to fulfil an order, stock-out, amount of time merchandizing which brings in the integration of sales – production cycles thereby improving working capital efficiencies.
  • Percipere has the capability to fill the white spaces that potentially may be required for integration of in-house applications or specialist softwares used by business with the Business By Design to offer a well-integrated business solution.
  • With the product traceability and customer demand for provenance to determine the authenticity of the product being consumed; blockchain technology based solutioning is gaining traction in the consumer packaged goods industry. Percipere has the ability to leverage on the technology to revolutionise supply chain management through this new age technology.

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