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Every enterprise needs the correct insights in order to build a Technology roadmap that revolutionizes their business and operations. As Process Automation experts, we are keen on supporting the Indian Manufacturing SMEs in their automation journey. As part of our support in the resurgence of Indian economy, we have started these series of engagements to discuss the right solutions and the way to go about it.

This insightful discussion covers the following aspects:
  • How can organizations identify the right solutions to suit their requirements? What are the key advantages and expectations of an Automation solution?
  • How can your organization improve warehouse operations, financial stability, and production planning, demand planning, procurement management by consolidating its data and operating seamlessly in an efficient ERP system?
  • What are the changing automation requirements and expectations from mid-sized companies, and how can the modern tech framework be deployed efficiently to meet these objectives?
  • The debate between cloud or not
  • What is the importance of real-time insights (with cloud-based platforms) for timely and efficient decision-making processes?

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Event Panellist


Abhay Mehta

An SAP veteran at the core, presently responsible for Managing Delivery and Business Operations for Percipere in the APAC region.

He has a strong track record of successful project delivery and customer management. Abhay is known as a specialist in Industry Specific Product Development and Delivery of Multiple global SAP projects across geographies including Asia, Africa, Europe and US.


Vidya Kudva

Vidya has more than 14 years of experience in IT industry, including 8+ years of experience in SAP Logistics Modules

and is currently working as a Principal Consultant at Percipere. She has worked on various SAP logistics modules like MM, PP, QM, PM and SD during her advisory and consulting role along with process design and optimization for production planning and Quality management modules.

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