Women In Tech: The Road Ahead

Women in tech

Despite remarkable individual achievements and growing awareness, the path to true gender parity remains shrouded in challenges. The numbers still paint a stark picture with women constituting only 28% of the global tech workforce according to recent stats. This figure dips further for leadership positions. Unconscious bias, societal stereotypes, lack of role models, and exclusionary cultures in the tech industry contribute to this underrepresentation.

Addressing this requires a multi-pronged approach that covers businesses implementing diversity and inclusion strategies, policymakers investing in STEM education and providing financial aid, and individuals challenging biases. Closing the gender gap is not merely a moral imperative but an economic necessity, as companies with diverse workforces outperform their less diverse counterparts. By fostering inclusivity, we can create a future where women shape the direction of innovation.

For the Young Women focusing upon growth in the Tech Industry

Young women focusing upon growth in the tech industry

Technological progress is at the helm of the Digital Economy and its ability to open new frontiers of growth and prosperity. While diversity is arguably critical to tech, statistics suggest that women remain underrepresented in various industry roles, including key decision-making positions. In fact, the 80:20 male-to-female ratio in various STEM disciples that prevailed about […]

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