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Technological progress is at the helm of the Digital Economy and its ability to open new frontiers of growth and prosperity. While diversity is arguably critical to tech, statistics suggest that women remain underrepresented in various industry roles, including key decision-making positions. In fact, the 80:20 male-to-female ratio in various STEM disciples that prevailed about 25 years ago persists, insinuating at the herculean task that a woman demanding an equal footing in a tech career is likely to encounter even today.

Alongside distorting gender justice, the status quo is veritably undercutting the industry’s potential to leverage talent in totality, assume holistic decisions, and design products that address shared objectives. Therefore, as agents of change and part of the future workforce, our hopes are pinned on young and ambitious women who dream for a more equitable world. They have a pivotal role in industry evolution, and their participation is crucial to ensure an inclusive, resilient, and just transition for all.

However, if you are one of them, make no mistake. Breaking the glass ceiling and the resulting growth is as much a question of culture and perception as policy. While the tech industry has been taking an affirmative stand on incubating female leadership, albeit, at a moderate pace, we feel that there is much you can do to avoid a career stall.

Primarily, it is essential to introspect and be confident about how you can contribute so that you can leap at the next best opportunity without second-guessing. Women tech leaders are passionate about their job and their impact on the world. Foster the same by delving deeper into your role and by trying to gain clarity on the value you bring for your team and your organization, articulating and discussing your goals with others, proactively looking for feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, and approaching a mentor who can help you bridge such inadequacies.

Equally important is to look for creative growth avenues and harbor a mindset to take on additional responsibilities when required. At times, you may be uncertain of your caliber. However, growth materializes at the end of your comfort zone. So, suppress those inner voices, push on and make sure to get the credit for your accomplishments. Here building bridges and networking can be particularly helpful to sustain you through such uncertainties.

experiencing similar struggles like yours. Because at the end of the day, true leaders tend to lead by examples. In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook, it is “about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”

Author: Percipere

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