SAP NOW India 2024: The Glimpse of a Promising Future

Percipere in and at SAP Now

SAP NOW India 2024, held in Mumbai, lived up to its theme of India’s inevitable economic rise. The event showcased SAP’s commitment to empowering Indian businesses through digital transformation. Over 3,200 attendees participated in discussions on leveraging AI, cloud solutions, and sustainable practices for growth.
A keynote address by SAP leaders emphasized India’s ambitious GDP target and the crucial role of technology in achieving it. SAP’s RISE with SAP program offers a comprehensive approach to cloud migration and innovation for large enterprises, while GROW with SAP caters to mid-market needs.
The Business Technology Platform (BTP) emerged as a key driver for business transformation, enabling Generative AI capabilities and streamlining processes. SAP partner Percipere showcased its expertise in SAP technologies and AI-powered solutions at the event.
Overall, SAP NOW India 2024 served as a platform for showcasing how technology can propel India’s economic and social progress, with Percipere committed to playing a vital role in this journey.

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