Using Robotic Process Automation For Improved People Practices

Robotic process automation for improved people practices

Apparently, the hyphenation of Robotic Process Automation and Human Resource Management appears much of a paradox and a topic ripe for a hot debate. However, their paths were bound to cross in the knowledge-driven economy characterized by the inherent need to do more with less and manage workforces with agility. In its State of the […]

Enabling Key Business Outcomes with Automated Banking & Finance Operations

Enabling key business outcomes with automated banking & finance operations

Banking and finance are core business processes, supplying the lifeblood for economic activities to thrive and deliver. It has propelled the emergence of financial institutions to meet the demands acting as a fiduciary between a beneficiary and the trustee for providing such services necessary for smoother business operation. Nevertheless, in the new economic context, which […]

Unlocking Productivity with Accounts Payable Automation

Unlocking productivity with accounts payable automation

Efficient Accounts Payable (AP) or invoice processing practices reflect how a company handles its obligations to pay off short-term debts. They have apparent implications for its working capital positions, balance sheet performance, and, of course, credibility with suppliers. Nevertheless, the current industry imperatives to do more with less and align processes seamlessly with the speed […]

Drive Seamless Petty Cash Management with SAP Business ByDesign

Petty Cash Management with SAP Business ByDesign

Even though we’re quickly moving towards a cashless economy, there are still times when a business needs a small amount of cash on hand. Maybe you need stamps or a couple of bottles of water from the corner store, or you need to pay the pizza delivery guy. For those small expenses, it’s just easier […]

Enabling The Future of Insurance with Robotic Process Automation

Enabling the future of insurance with robotic process automation

Consider a typical claims processing scenario of a general insurance company receiving thousands of new requests in a given day. It employs an army of executives to handle every claim form manually and cross-checks the information against the carrier’s claims processing database before sanctioning payment. Or the established practices in the underwriting department, where risk […]



Not in my wildest imagination did I think that the 4000 years old fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin will become a reality of today – around the 2nd decade of the 21st century!!! In the story, the miller’s daughter with the help of the imp-like creature turns straw to gold overnight. In the modern day Organisations, […]

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