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SAP Business ByDesign

For a long time, professional services firms have acted as the trusted partners of their clients, delivering knowledge-based interventions on demand. However, given the business outlook in 2022 and beyond, you will probably agree that the industry is heading towards more significant disruptions and more intense competition.

In response, in 2022, there is a persistent need for professional services organizations to digitally reinvent themselves to meet the demands of the fast-paced business landscape. Today challenges like declining revenue volumes and margins, renewed price pressures, the need to drive non-linear growth, and the threat of new market entrants impact you and your peers alike. Nevertheless, you can differentiate and pull ahead of the crowd by embracing enterprise management practices that allow you to be agile, unlock efficiency, run innovative service delivery models and provide insights for an informed decision-making culture.

Building Insights-driven Professional Services Enterprises

SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is targeted to be the cornerstone of such a data-driven enterprise management approach, allowing fast-growing professional services organizations to rethink their business models radically. As a cloud-exclusive ERP, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services integrates all your core business functions and will enable you to efficiently orchestrate all your projects from planning to delivery and billing with end-to-end visibility.

Everything in one place helps you maintain consistent quality standards, drive growth, improve efficiency, and assign projects to the right teams to ensure the best outcomes. Further, thanks to the integrated reporting capabilities embedded in SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, it is easier to access actionable insights from a device of your choice.

Why Should You Opt For SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services?

There are more than a few ways SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services can help your business hit the ground running in 2022. Some of them can be as under:

Resource Management: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is a postmodern cloud ERP with embedded intelligence. It helps you to rapidly zero in on the right people for the projects in the pipeline, pacing-up conversion. It allows you to monitor workforce performance in real-time and allows your managers to seamlessly integrate non-employee resources and open-source talent into your projects to ensure the desired outcomes.

Revenue Management: With SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, you can have a panoramic view into your entire offering spectrum in real-time and ensure better business decisions with insights on margins, revenue forecasts, and outcome predictions.

Bid Management: Speed is as critical as quality in the closely contested professional services market. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services allows you to thrive by delivering the vital insights needed to bid successfully and on time. Further, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services also permits you to easily alter the terms and commercials of the final proposal to arrive at mutually beneficial agreements for you and your customers.

Customer Relationship Management: Effective customer relationship management can help you retain and multiply business opportunities. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services enables you to gain real-time visibility into customer journeys, improve engagement, and find ways to inspire customer satisfaction. With SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, build customer-centric project deliveries and invest your time meaningfully creating the experience your customers desire.

Productivity Management: Bring the processes automation capabilities available with SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services to accelerate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, boosting productivity. With the low-value tasks reliably automated, your project teams can focus on more strategic roles like ideation and brain-storing and focus on what they do best.

Financial Management: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services incorporated robust financial management capabilities, streamlining your accounting workloads. The cloud ERP is built to elevate your financial operations, minimize exception rates, and help you drive informed financial decisions.

The Final Thoughts

While SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services undoubtedly holds many promises for your organization, much depends on its implementation with foresight and business understanding. It is where reaching out to an experienced implementation vendor can make a difference. However, if you are looking for a reliable SAP Business ByDesign Partner in India, you may not have to look far! As one of the Best Business by ByDesign Resellers in 2022, Percipere comes with proven SAP technology skills and a profound grasp of the global professional services dynamics. Get in touch with one of our SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services to discuss your use cases and how we can transform your business this year.

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