The Story of Shruti Joshi

Meet Shruti Joshi, an SAP Consultant at Percipere who has been with the company for two years. Join us on this edition of the People of Percipere series as we delve into Shruti’s story and how she has brought positive changes within our organisation.

Shruti is known for her friendly nature and infectious smile, which reflect her energetic demeanour throughout the day. Her positive attitude towards life is evident in her behaviour, and she believes that “opportunities here are massive.” 

“When it comes to my experience as part of the Percipere family, I’m grateful for my diligent and supportive colleagues who’ve given me many invaluable experiences,” says Shruti. She adds with a broad, radiant smile, “They have helped me acquire new skills and knowledge.” 

Shruti explains that she is motivated to perform better every time because of the amount of responsibility she has been given. She also cites her peers, seniors, and their work ethic as inspiration. She appreciates the fact that everyone is always available to lend a helping hand during difficult times and to celebrate happy moments together. 

Shruti’s exceptional work ethic has been influenced by her colleagues’ exemplary work ethic, encouraging her to accomplish something noteworthy daily. She has demonstrated remarkable perseverance and determination in delivering impressive results with their encouragement and guidance. 

“The takeaway for me has been that remaining focused on one’s goals, maintaining a positive attitude, and possessing an unwavering passion for working hard will ultimately lead to great outcomes,” she emphasises. 

She adds that her favourite aspect of working here is being challenged to upskill herself every day. It enables her to become more knowledgeable and better prepared to tackle any task that comes her way. She finds the synergy between mind, body, and soul achieved through various fun activities to be the most appealing aspect of working at Percipere, bringing balance to her hectic work life. 

Shruti also values the opportunity to take on exciting assignments beyond the scope of her job description, which has sharpened her skills and enriched her understanding of work-related matters. This exposure has improved her knowledge about her domain and provided valuable stress management lessons. 

Shruti strongly believes that one can achieve anything with passion, hard work, optimism, and focus! Her unwavering commitment to these values keeps her motivated, even when facing difficult times, individually and as a team member. 

Being a part of the Percipere community has been an incredible experience for her, and she feels grateful for the opportunity. Shruti is excited to continue her journey with such a purposeful group of individuals and looks forward to many more productive years ahead with this successful venture. Shruti’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination to achieve success.

Author: Silviya Ilieva

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