Maximize SAP S/4HANA Benefits with Intelligent RPA

In the post-pandemic world, businesses, irrespective of industries, have been compelled to take a fresh look at their priorities and operating styles. You will probably agree that today, while market disruptions are at an all-time high, factors like increasing regulatory oversight, intensifying competition, and the growing customer demand for quality and convenience are pressurizing the bottom line like never before.

SAP & Intelligent RPA Solutions: The Digital Transformation Duo

Consequently, there is an apparent need for businesses to do more with less by embracing time and resource-efficient methods. In response, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation or RPA Solutions offers the proverbial Silver Bullet to cut costs, improve operational speed, achieve scale, and emerge profitable once again. Unsurprisingly, companies worldwide are presently in a mad dash to invest in RPA Solutions and get differentiated.

However, if you are already an SAP customer, you are at an obvious advantage. SAP intelligent RPA is one of the best RPA Solutions, providing AI-driven and intuitive capabilities and the no-code convenience for automating and accelerating your workflows. It is built to maximize adoption, automate your complex processes faster and operate confidently.

Maximizing SAP S/4HANA Benefits with Intelligent RPA Solutions

As one of the most trusted RPA Solutions across industries today, SAP intelligent RPA offers drag-and-drop tools, prebuilt processes, and industry-focussed content to enable even your team members with non-technical backgrounds to unlock the value of process automation and contribute towards building an intelligent enterprise. While SAP intelligent RPA is expected to have a positive and enabling impact on each of SAP’s offerings, the customers of SAP S/4HANA are undoubtedly positioned to experience the best of it.

If you are already an SAP S/4HANA customer or planning to be one, this is how you can maximize the SAP S/4HANA benefits with the intelligent RPA solutions available with SAP:

Faster implementation: With SAP intelligent RPA, you can integrate prebuilt RPA components into your SAP S/4HANA landscape, enhancing its capabilities. Currently, 100+ such prebuilt RPA components are available, embedded with SAP-recommended industry best practices for you to effectively deploy automation at scale with SAP S/4HANA. Further, with SAP intelligent RPA, you can quickly develop scheduled or autonomous bots using templates and connectors for SAP S/4HANA to automate targeted processes. SAP intelligent RPA allows you to use cognitive technologies like Machine Learning to make the most of your automation investments.

Improved performance analysis: SAP Intelligent RPA presents you with a deep repository of bot skills and capabilities to complement your SAP S/4HANA stack. You can readily leverage a series of automation steps, use the available RPA bots as per your need and readily analyze the performance.

Faster bot deployments: SAP Intelligent RPA simplifies SAP S/4HANA migration and transition, using hundreds of pre-configured content and prebuilt bots. You can manage these bots with agility and use the API and metadata of your choice to operate. It allows you to customize your SAP S/4HANA deployment like never before.

Continuous workflow monitoring: Workflow failures and lapses can have cascading negative implications for your businesses. However, with SAP Intelligent RPA, you can effectively pre-empt such disruptions. The intelligent bots can continuously monitor your business processes in SAP S/4HANA and intuitively counter failures without raising support tickets.

Reduced operational costs: SAP Intelligent RPA improves the ROI on SAP S/4HANA by allowing your teams to delegate repetitive and standard tasks to bots while they can focus on more strategically rewarding roles like customer relationship management and innovation.

Final Note

While SAP Intelligent RPA undeniably enhances the benefits of SAP S/4HANA, to avail the best of both worlds, you will need a partner that is well versed in various aspects of Robotic Process Automation and cutting-edge SAP enterprise management technologies.

As an SAP Gold Partner and a UiPath Global Silver Partner, Percipere possesses the distinction of making an impact on both fronts. We invite you to get in touch with one of our certified consultants and process architects to understand how we have been building future-ready enterprises for our customers worldwide.

Author: Percipere

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