Intelligent Automation

Unlocking business value through a machine-driven approach to Digital Transformation

Reimagine productivity with smart enterprise functions

The contemporary global economic landscape is replete with daunting challenges and exciting opportunities for organizations that are not shy of change. As an industry leader, the imperative to do more with less while living upto continuously shifting customer demands and ever-evolving regulatory oversight might as well be evident to you. Nevertheless, today, the incentive to transform digitally are higher than ever.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence to automate your nonroutine and aptitude-centric workloads is one such shift, allowing you to reimagine productivity and unleash enterprise transformation at scale. The imploding cost of storage and processing power coupled with radical leaps in cognitive computing has created the perfect storm for intelligent technology constructs to emerge.

It includes near-human-like capabilities such as image interpretation, handwriting recognition, and natural language processing. Intelligent Automation brings standard RPA, deep analytics, and machine intuition into a single orbit, assisting your employees in their creative endeavors or completely self-drive your enterprise operation in ways heretofore unimaginable.

Machine intelligence to set you on the winning edge

Optimize ROI


Scale to complete

Scale To

Shrink time to insights

Drive Non-linear

Shrink time to insights

Shrink Time-to-

Ensure compliance


Boost productivity 3X

Productivity 3X

Inspire job satisfaction

Inspire Job

Deliver rich customer experience

Deliver Rich Customer

Critical components: Bringing Intelligent Automation to life

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Business Process Management (BPM)

Modern businesses are complex ecosystems of processes, workflows, and outcomes. To realize the true worth of Digital Transformation, it is imperative to efficiently orchestrate your people systems and data in real-time, powering enterprise goals. Business Process Management brings order into the chaos by providing a solid framework for data generation, capture, storage, action control, or enterprise decision-making at velocity.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Enterprise processes are crowded mainly by high volume yet repetitive and stable tasks that disproportionately consume your high-quality knowledge bandwidths. Software bots mimic manual operations of iterative tasks, albeit at much greater speed and precision, leaving your valuable human capital free for strategically rewarding roles like building enduring customer relationships.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It attempts to endow human-like cognitive capabilities on machines, building systems that are smart, intuitive, and self-evolving. Artificial intelligent taps into diverse computing verticals, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Visual Recognition, and Big Data to drive workflows that can operate alongside your human resources, learning from experience, engaging in proactive decision making, and delivering in ways that inspire customer delight.

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System Integration

For Intelligent Automation implementations to be cohesive and outcomes to be enabled, your business systems must interact seamlessly. It is ensured through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) designed on standards like SOAP and REST, purpose-built for Web Services or HTTP protocol-based applications.


Discover the Percipere Advantage

As a global UiPath Silver Partner, Percipere’s Intelligent Automation delivers a unified, innovative, and future-ready mix of transformation tools, services, and skillsets, offering your business a spontaneous source of value. Our unmatched AI-powered automation portfolio can cover everything, from your business workflows to your IT operations transformation.

Percipere brings together the best human ingenuity and technology excellence to anticipate and solve critical implementation puzzles, allowing you to realize unprecedented payoffs from your Intelligent Automation journey.

Our Intelligent Automation services spectrum

Process Mining and Discovery

Percipere makes frictionless operations and optimized outcomes possible by mining your business-critical processes. We empower you with end-to-end process visualization, conformance checking, root-cause analysis, process re-engineering, and predictive intelligence to foster a reliable and pragmatic decision-making culture.

Automation Advisory

We assess the readiness and maturity of your operating models, processes, and systems through targeted pain point analysis. Based on the collaborative study, our consultants sketch the roadmap for Intelligent Automation rollouts, identify the right-fit resources to mobilize your business use cases, and develop the relevant proof of concepts to demonstrate value.

Prototyping and Implementation

Percipere can architect solutions to build and enhance your process automation capabilities by bringing our expertise in cognitive technologies like AI, Machine Learning, OCR, and NLP into play. Our Intelligent Automation service teams can develop smart bots, orchestrate workflows & overnance and roll out validation to scale up processes across your enterprise ecosystem.

Scaling and Enhancements

Percipere teams can establish an effective Intelligent Automation CoE and a bespoke governance model for your business, enabling the diffusion of proven technologies and highly controlled automation functions. Our Intelligent Automation service spectrum covers everything from the maintenance of smart bots operating in your production environment, release management to continuous performance improvement.

Performing with agility, delivering with excellence

Percipere partners enterprises to effortlessly ride on the robotic wave with our proprietary 5E Intelligent Automation Framework to ensure a resilient automation advantage and a profound transformational impact.


  • Define vision and roadmap
  • Identify opportunities
  • Develop IA business case
  • Establish IA lean team
  • Select technology platform


  • Provision IA platform
  • Pilot automation use case
  • Prepare use case inventory
  • Define project plan
  • Establish governance


  • Setup command center
  • Prioritize user stories
  • Develop and design Bots
  • Perform model variation and deploy


  • Establish automation CoE
  • Monitor bot operation metrics and utilization
  • Build in-house IA team and expertise


  • Perform automation cost benefit analysis
  • Adopt continuous movement process
  • Scale to advanced and intelligent automation

Visualize beyond the hype!

Bot-driven process outcomes are error-free, ensuring much greater conformance to Standard Operating Procedures and can optimize your operational overheads. Use the Percipere RPA ROI Calculator to estimate the cost of automating your business processes and the financial benefits you tend to derive from such investments.

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