5 Reasons Why You Need SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services for Your Business

As an undisputed leader in enterprise management solutions, SAP was quite early in foreseeing the future of business governance in the cloud. With its inherent cost, availability, and scalability advantages, the cloud was the next frontier of enterprise innovation.

However, at that time, an ERP application, available only for on-premise deployment, was a reserved turf for large corporations with deep pockets. In perceiving the apparent gap, SAP planners were convinced that a futuristic ERP product that can affordably level the field for the small and mid-market players must be intelligent and cloud-native.

What is SAP Business ByDesign

Accordingly, SAP launched Business ByDesign in 2007 as a cloud ERP suite-in-a-box targeted at SMEs that are fast outgrowing their existing enterprise management practices. It is a cloud-exclusive product conceived around SAP’s HANA in-memory database technology, providing lightning-fast data processing capabilities. SAP Business ByDesign unifies all your main business workflows around an intelligent cloud-native core using pre-built integrations, deploy-ready processes, and industry best practices layered by deep analytics. It is one of the most successful products by SAP, with customers in over 140 countries.

Why SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services

In the current, knowledge-driven economy, the professional services industry is undergoing remarkable shifts, revealing opportunities to transform and innovate like never before. However, the new market realities have also thrown a unique set of challenges at the business leaders, including a growing need for digital delivery, coping with disruptive new market entrants, and automating business processes.

Apparently, professional services organizations of the future need to be technology-driven, agile, non-linear, growth-centric, and customer experience-oriented. Such transformation calls for a postmodern ERP application at the helm, and SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services has been built for the job.

If you are looking to transform your professional services practice, there are many reasons why you should look no further than Business ByDesign Professional Services. Here we are presenting the top 5 pitches by the Best Business ByDesign Resellers in 2022, considering the market realities:

Streamlined operations: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services allows you to organize better project planning, execution, delivery, and servicing by bringing all your business processes on a single platform. With SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, you can integrate finance, procurement, sales, marketing, people management, and customer service with the project, empowering your teams to orchestrate them in real-time.

Instead of isolated business processes operating across diverse system landscapes, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services establishes a single source of truth and unlocks productivity by accelerating reporting, financial and human resource management. This next-gen cloud ERP gives you the flexibility to work on various projects and customize deliveries to meet your customer preferences.

Optimized TCO: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services equips you to compete while effectively bypassing the cost of complexities of building highly digitalized business operations. It can reduce your expenses for projects by replacing the need for capital outlays and hefty upfront investments on on-premise infrastructures with a simple per-user subscription for consuming cutting-edge enterprise management capabilities. Also, with SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, you can confidently do away with recurring maintenance and system upgradation charges as they are managed proactively by SAP.

Seamless mobility: Your knowledge workers may have to work on the go to meet critical project deadlines or while based onsite. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services delivers on such job demands by being fully compatible with an Android or iOS device of your choice. While away from the office, your employees can use the SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services mobile application or a web browser to record and access information, including timesheets, project progress reports, expense trackers, and sales pipelines.

Complete visibility: The robust project management functionalities in SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services permits full integrations with your sales and CRM landscapes. It enables a continuous journey from opportunity, prospecting, conversion, execution, and invoicing on a time and material basis. You can track budgeted versus actual costs along the curve and precisely assess variations to price your services accordingly.

Further, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is built to foster an informed decision-making culture for your organization. Its powerful analytical features and customized reporting capabilities dramatically reduce time to insights allowing you to detect new opportunities and ensure that various enterprise processes are running as per the desired KPIs.

Growth-oriented: In today’s highly disruptive professional services domain, companies that are not agile and ambitious are likely to be overshadowed by the competition and stay in the slow lane of progress. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services matches your aspirations by giving you the flexibility to expand operations, acquire assets and initiate new service lines. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is a modular system localized for over 66 geographies and offers seamless extensibility through plugging in other SAP and non-SAP technologies. Further, it is a platform suitable for continuous innovation focused on the future of the professional services industry. A steady stream of updates and upgrades from SAP ensures that with SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, you are always more than equipped to take on the next big opportunity.

Final notes

Are you still wondering whether SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services will be the right choice in transforming your operations? As a premier SAP Business ByDesign Partner in India, at Percipere we have assisted your industry peers to scale, save cost, and practically reinvent professional services delivery using this outstanding cloud ERP. We invite you to a no strings attached discussion with one of our SAP consultants to listen to some such success stories and find out how we can replicate the same outcomes for your practice.

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