10 Good Reasons Why You Should Opt for SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services

Globally, the professional services industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation. From the age-old dependency on in-house teams of top experts, today, companies are turning to extensive automation of basic tasks, developing knowledge-based products, and leveraging a worldwide network of non-employee workers. Consequently, as a professional services firm, your ability to dynamically orchestrate resources between the running projects is key to improving margins and increasing customer satisfaction.

However, many professional services businesses still rely on multiple ad-hoc systems to manage tasks like project planning, expense management, resource allocation, and performance tracking. If your organization is among them, the challenges of running operations that are not integrated and based on a single source of truth might be apparent to you. When you cannot access live data to make informed decisions, inaccuracies will likely creep into business outcomes.

SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services: A ERP with a difference

In respite, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services has been built to integrate your core business processes like Finance, Customer Services, HR, Sales, and Marketing around an intelligent, cloud-native core, delivering smooth project control. Its built-in project management and resource orchestration capabilities ensure greater visibility of your ongoing engagements, quick standardization of your processes, and a rapid ROI. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services simplifies your conversion cycles from the opportunity to the proposal, ordering, project execution, and invoicing, using integrated process flows and a single set of operational data.

According to the Best Business ByDesign Resellers in 2022, here are ten good reasons why you should not be looking beyond SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services if you are aiming for a digital transformation of your service enterprise:

  1. The cloud advantage: In contrast to the on-premise ERP systems, the availability of SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model gives you the benefit of being up and running with minimum effort, dramatically optimizing your time to value. Depending on your business processes, the implementation can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks. Moreover, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services spares you the complexities of managing your own data center, with SAP taking care of all your maintenance and security needs. Now you can focus solely on project execution.
  2. Affordable: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services has been built to make cutting-edge enterprise management features and responsive IT support available to you without hefty upfront costs and capital commitments. Instead, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is available at a fixed deployment fee and a simple per-user monthly subscription, helping you optimize your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  3. Ease of use: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services comes packed with easy navigation, intuitive user experience, and robust integration with various SAP and non SAP technologies. Moreover, the prebuilt processes, service industry best practices, and a wide array of support tools provided by SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services ensure its maximum adoption across your enterprise ecosystem, unlocking productivity.
  4. End-to-end visibility: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is equipped to transform your practice into a data-driven firm. The cloud ERP empowers your business leaders with embedded analytics and complete, real-time visibility on the KPIs for informed decision-making by quickly identifying emerging market opportunities and risks. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services helps you consume insights on your service processes through customized dashboards, on-demand reports, and analytics embedded into the ERP environment.
  5. High scalability: Agility and growth orientation defines the professional services businesses of the future. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services delivers on this demand by allowing you to upscale or downscale effortlessly and expand overseas by adding legal entities locally and globally. With SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services, it is possible to personalize outcomes as per your service delivery strategy. Further SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services permits easy system extensibility by plugging in customized applications or off-the-shelf purchases.
  6. Improved revenue: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is optimized to provide your account managers and service owners with end-to-end visibility into the sales cycles to manage the opportunity pipeline better and maximize conversions. With single access to all sales-critical information, your client-facing teams can improve interactions, identify cross-selling opportunities for your services, provide quotes, and close deals with confidence.
  7. Mobility: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is a mobile-ready cloud ERP compatible with the Android or iOS devices of your choice. Whether working from the office or remotely, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services can have all business-critical information at your fingertips, enhancing productivity like never before. With only a functional internet connectivity, your teams can now easily interact with your business processes, ensuring minimum disruption and maximum customer satisfaction.
  8. Emphatic customer service: Responsive and enabling customer service is vital to differentiate and score business wins in your industry. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services allows service representatives to access data on projects across multiple systems for helping your customers with answers to their queries. With a comprehensive view of the status of projects and deliveries, it is now easy for your customer services teams to induce delight and ensure business retention.
  9. Service pricing: Information is critical to price your professional service offerings across markets competitively. SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services allows you to drive differentiated pricing schemes based on user-defined criteria like location, type, format, duration, and industry. Your sales teams can centrally access the pricing schemes to develop quotes and create orders rapidly. Also, with a single database, you can enforce automated enforcement of discounts or premiums on invoices, allowing much better control of your business margins.
  10. Robust disaster recovery: SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services comes with SAP’s deep technical understanding, ingenuity, and holistic risk mitigation measures beyond most businesses’ reach. For instance, data centers that run SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services are fortified by redundant power sources, environmental optimization, connectivity, information security, on-site protection, and disaster prevention measures like fire and flood control. Therefore, your enterprise management landscape remains secured against physical and cyber threats at any given instance. Also, with SAP, you can have operational support round the clock to ensure business continuity.

Final note

Undeniably in today’s highly disruptive markets worldwide, SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services is the best bet to modernize your enterprise IT, gain a competitive advantage, and pull ahead of your peers. However, if you are still wondering how to start your journey, Percipere, as a frontline SAP Business ByDesign Partner in India, is here to guide you. We invite you to contact one of our SAP consultants to find out the value that SAP Business ByDesign Professional Services can add to your practice.

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