The Story of Praveen Laungani

What makes a Chartered Accountant and a gifted entrepreneur choose a career in Robotic Process Automation and Process Mining? Is it just due to a passion for number crunching? Well, for Praveen Laungani, one of our most experienced Senior Consultants, it has always been about maximising value for organisations.

Around here, legends have it that few in the industry have been able to blend their skills as a CA and a Data Science professional the way Praveen did, ensuring top-notch quality for his clients!

So how did this journey start? Before joining Percipere, Praveen had a long stint with various organisations as a Senior Finance & Accounting professional, a wealth advisor, and a consultant. The diverse experience gave him unique insights into the financial needs of institutions and individuals. He realised that delivering quality is in itself a differentiator.

But how can Praveen help organisations manage their operations better and improve bottom-line performance? He was to find his answer soon.

In November 2020, Praveen was onboarded into team FUTUROOT, our globally acclaimed process mining platform, built to help businesses optimise their operations. He says, “I joined as a Business Process Analyst and was also building use cases for RPA vertical, after which I moved to a support role for a European client.” Indeed, the only issue for talented professionals like Praveen is that everybody wants to have them in their team!

Therefore, while Praveen was building business cases and Financial KPIs for our FUTUROOT and RPA verticals, he was soon called upon to assist one of our Fortune 500 FMCG clients in Europe. As a key member of the CIO office, Praveen played a pivotal role in single-handedly managing data analytics and dashboard-building deliverables.

However, this was not enough for Praveen. As his next initiative, he proactively took up the responsibility of leading various Information Security projects to help Percipere attain various certifications and quality benchmarks. “The learning has been immense as I steered through SAC implementations and certain internal projects such as ISO & SOC2 certifications for Percipere and FUTUROOT,” he says.

But did the story so far paint Praveen as an ever-frowning, ultra-busy professional? Quite the opposite! In fact, he is one of the most sporty and fun-loving PerciPeers who never misses out on any group activities, be it sports, team building or our initiatives to give back to society. Praveen says, “At Percipere, our corporate culture is the epitome of work-life balance in its true sense. All team members are incredibly professional and respect the work and life boundaries.”

As an organisation, Percipere believes in complete ownership and delivery with perfection. To live up to this vision, it promotes an open-door policy where the leaders are always accessible for guidance and support in achieving the shared goals. Consequently, at Percipere, work is fun and career prospects are unlimited.

Praveen believes the same. When asked what motivates him to be a PerciPeer even after two years since joining this family, he says, “it’s the possibilities of growth at the company, be it professional or personal, that gets me going at this job every morning with the same enthusiasm I had on day one!”

Author: Silviya Ilieva

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