ERP A Dark Horse Of SMEs

Managers, financial heads and decision-makers at the helm of mid-size enterprises often have to multi-task. They have to balance numerous operations like sales, marketing, human resource, customer relationships, accounts, finance etcetera and focus on continuous business value. Having a holistic view of all the functions can be quite a challenge. The biggest problem often faced is the ability to control, integrate these functions and balance them out.

Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] solution is an umbrella of technologies (both in scope and size) that simplifies the strenuous process of integrating all functions in a single box. It enables enterprises by integrating all their operations under a single roof and seamlessly helps them spearhead their business operations towards achieving better business growth and Return on Investment [ROI].

Simply put, ERP solutions have become such a reliable tool for today’s enterprises that they can’t fail.

Are you wondering how an ERP can impact your business?

Then hop on, take a quick peep at how ERP is arming today’s enterprises. It helps increase control over your businesses, improve operational efficiency, and even help turn the tables.

ERP – An accelerator for your business

Many enterprises are somewhat helplessly stuck with their existing traditional methods to carry out business operations.

In the fast-paced digital age, businesses run at lightning speed. That would mean that to be a part of the competition and encash success, the need to get away from old technologies, disparate and disintegrated systems is evident. The use of these systems and old technology cause bottlenecks that hamper growth. The majority of efforts spent are in redoing the same work across functions. What causes this? The absence of a single source of truth leads to poor decision-making by people. The first step would be to reduce the re-work and reconciliations which brings in the well-deserved agility to the organisations.

Do you want to get away from the hassles created by the disparate system and enhance your productivity?

Yes, then here is how an ERP can be your Dark Horse.

Every enterprise has three defined sets of levels: Strategic, Managerial and Operational.


Top management deals with collecting and analysing the data, be it sales pipeline, marketing tools, budget planning, and more.


Mid Level Management plans and controls the personnel workflow, production volumes, sales volume, and more.


Last but not least low-level management team optimises the workflows, automates the processes, and uses the relevant software tools that augment work.

Now, each department will have its own set of tools to augment and manage it’s respective workflow. The real problem is to integrate and control all the tools singlehandedly. That is where ERP comes to the rescue. An ERP solution, single and alone, can provide the following benefits:

  • Integrated control of all the divisions of your business
  • Gain better insight into your business, and make informed decisions on real-time information
  • Significantly reduce the cost of managing your business operations
  • Immediately access and capture critical information and use it across the board
  • Increase control over your business operations, where it can organically grow as your business grows

ERP – A cost-efficient solution

Enterprises have disparate systems and applications used by employees to perform tasks. They are usually expensive, and a single license would not suffice the need.

An ERP solution centralises and integrates the functions into a single working system. That means it eliminates the need for a disparate system and makes it scalable, further reducing the costs and efforts.

ERP – A Cloud-based solution that ensures business continuity

The traditional on-premise application has heavy maintenance costs related to space management, physical, logical, information and internet security challenges, and costs of utilities including the power to run the data centre, air conditioners with the maintenance cost to keep the data centre ambience. If you wish to move beyond the traditional, on-premise ERP setup, there are cloud-based ERP [CERP] solutions. What is incredibly important here to notice is that modern cloud-based ERP solutions are far more inventive than just saving infrastructure and server cost?

One of the most significant strongpoints of CERP is business continuity. The increase in interest of a CERP is because it extends beyond the boundaries of an enterprise, and can reach teams irrespective of location and significantly increases productivity.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created a concrete path where enterprises leverage the full potential of CERP. The CERP helped many enterprises successfully keep thousands of their staff on the same page by connecting remotely. It ensured that operations with productivity remain unhampered. As a result, Cloud ERP solutions are becoming an integral part of business continuity plans.

Updating or upgrading an on-premise software is a costly and time-consuming affair, which is why many enterprises baulk at the thought of it. It results in downtime, requires troubleshooting. Installing new software can be a burden to IT teams, not to mention the business, operational and opportunity loss caused by such downtimes. However, CERP solutions give you constant access to the latest version and without having to worry about additional costs or downtime.

CERP systems facilitate the employees and top-level managers to quickly access data and other enterprise resources anytime, anywhere and on any device. Thus, it evolves as a multi-tasking environment for the teams around the globe.

Percipere – A partner for your SAP Business ByDesign solution

Percipere is a leading digital transformation solutions company offering innovative and best-suited ERP solutions for SMEs. As an SAP Silver Partner, Percipere’s implementation capability of SAP Business ByDesign, across the Suite is a cloud-based integrated solution designed to help SMEs overcome business operations challenges in sales, procurement and finance.

Percipere’s SAP Business ByDesign is a suite-in-box solution that empowers the industries and their business functionalities such as:

  • Wholesale distribution
  • Professional services
  • Discrete manufacturing

The business solution offers various modules like:

  • CRM & sales order management
  • Vendor and Procurement management
  • Production processes
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Workforce administration
  • Business Analytics, Dashboard and MIS and reports

To fully understand how Percipere’s SAP Business ByDesign solution can be a game-changer for your enterprise, download a free brochure.

Is ERP the next big thing for your business?

Despite the knowledge accrued on the significance of ERP, many SMEs are yet to decide if they need an ERP solution for their business. And even if they do, it is under the covers. The first step towards understanding the ERP need is to understand the best ERP solution that suits their enterprise needs. If you are an enterprise that wants to understand if your business needs an ERP solution, it is easy.

We, at Percipere, understand SMEs the best. We have designed and developed a quick and easy-to-use evaluation assessment form to help understand the need for an ERP, specifics and timeframe. Take this quick and easy evaluation assessment, and we would be happy to take it from there.

Together we can make your business climb the success ladder faster than anticipated.

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