The Story of Tejas Bhoir

Meet Tejas Bhoir, a computer engineer and SAP consultant at Percipere who has been an integral part of the company for the past two years. In this edition of the People of Percipere series, we take a closer look at Tejas’s journey with Percipere, his experiences, and how he has grown both personally and professionally with the company.

Tejas’s journey with Percipere began right after he graduated from college. He was looking to work with a small startup where he could work on multiple tasks in a small-time frame, and that’s when he got in contact with one of the founding members of Percipere. He states that Percipere will always be close to his heart as it was his first professional job, and it has been the most amazing place to work.

As a computer engineer, Tejas has learned much about finance, projects, system integrations, documentation, and values, even though finance is not his core competency. He attributes this learning to the mentors and team members at Percipere who have helped him through tough situations in multiple instances. He emphasizes that there is much to learn from the entire team, such as being patient, handling customers wisely during crucial times, winning deals with words, and always upskilling his skill set.

When asked about the things he likes about being a part of Percipere, Tejas states that the work culture is the most beautiful aspect. Everyone working in the same vertical makes for a healthy atmosphere to work in. The management is especially humble, helpful, and calm, which has helped him grow in his personal career. He also mentions that outside work, he connects with the corporate culture through fitness, health, and occasional parties. Turf sessions are his favourite way to connect with the team, and he finds that Percipere’s social media page helps him connect with many new faces, ensuring that no one feels alone in the super interactive office space.

Tejas’s most significant source of motivation is thinking way beyond and working smart towards achieving it, which he believes is the motto of Percipere. He appreciates the opportunity Percipere gave him to learn and implement finance and integration, even though it is not his core competency. The trust the team showed him during his learning and growing phase motivates him to work and achieve new milestones.

Tejas’s role at Percipere involves interacting with customers, understanding their requirements, implementing them, and making them comfortable with the implemented products for their business. His ability to handle crucial situations and his expertise in his field has earned him respect and admiration from his peers and colleagues.

In conclusion, Tejas’s journey with Percipere has been fulfilling, and he has grown both personally and professionally during his time here. His positive attitude, willingness to learn, and ability to adapt to challenging situations have made him an integral part of the Percipere family. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours and look forward to seeing him achieve greater heights in his career.

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