The Story of Sharayu Thombre

How often do you meet an engineer whose fluency in various programming languages matches her penchant for creative writing, acting and public speaking? Rare as it may be in the world outside, you can find it among the bouquet of talent within the walls of Percipere.

Because here, we have Sharayu Thombre, one of our brightest SAP consultants, who is adept at wearing many hats, each with perfection!

Sharayu stepped into the Percipere family at a moment of inflexion. As a policy, this organisation has always believed that a skilled workforce is worth its weight in gold, and there is no better time than a crisis for building a solid team. Therefore, amidst the pandemic-induced disruption, when other companies embarked on downsizing to save cost, Percipere went on a spree to hire highly committed freshers looking to build a career in technology right off their campus.

Sharayu was one of them, joining the team as an Associate Functional SAP Consultant back in 2020. “After all the campus interviews and placements, I had almost lost hope when Percipere came along, and I wish to serve it as long as I can,” she says.

However, while Percipere is her first company, Sharayu is no longer a rookie! Confidence and Enthusiasm are the two words that aptly summarise her personality, making her journey with us even more meaningful. Therefore, as someone equally eager for professional growth and maximising value for our customers, Sharayu’s rise within the team has been almost meteoric. She says, “I believe any person can flourish with the right set of opportunities at the right time.”

Nonetheless, while the opportunities have indeed been abundant, it has been to Sharayu’s credit to consistently challenge her limits and make the most of them, proving herself as a growth-oriented professional and a spontaneous team player in every instance.

One may still like to find out what binds Sharayu to Percipere and always seems to bring out the best in her, be it in meeting project goals or participating in team activities. Her reply, however, is surprisingly simple. “You attract what you are, and Percipere being an organisation having people with happy hearts and intelligent minds, you are bound to enjoy everything while at work,” she says.

It is where we all share Sharayu’s experience. Joining Percipere does come with an opportunity to detract from the highly bureaucratic and rule-based rat race that otherwise defines most of the world outside. Moreover, this gives Percipere the unique ability to visualise business problems from more than a few standpoints and come up with the right solutions to withstand disruptions. Such an ambience is a prerequisite for innovations to thrive, and ingenuity is our first promise to our clients.

But like the rest of us, Sharayu has never been alone in her quest for perfection. Percipere is a place where help is just a call away, and this philosophy is at the heart of our corporate culture. Sharayu says, “Percipere is a place where your mentors, managers & founders can be your friends too, and this keeps me connected to Percipere both on and off the job.” Because at Percipere, no problem is big enough when a team works in unison and the leaders are inclined to facilitate this collaboration.

Consequently, Team Percipere has been Sharayu’s extended family for the last couple of years now, and the sheer fact that she can be amidst her team members every morning keeps her motivated. “I love to travel to the office and work in an uplifting space where I can meet and engage with my colleagues,” she says. Indeed, for all of us, the office is not merely a place for pushing through our daily hours. Instead, we meet to share ideas, acquire knowledge, and gain inspiration to explore our boundaries. More than just a location within four walls, Percipere is where minds converge, and creativity flourish!

In closing, we asked Sharayu what makes Percipere her dream job, considering that a dream job enables a professional to gain more than her compensation. While Sharayu did bring a host of talent into Percipere, including public speaking, problem-solving skills and punctuality, the company put her into a befitting position. Now as an SAP Consultant, she is making good use of these abilities every day, from discovering clients’ requirements and building the right solution to meeting stringent delivery deadlines.

“They say if you like what you do, you won’t work for a day and hence showing up to work every day with the same excitement is the favourite part of my job”, Sharayu says.

Author: Percipere

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