Five Ways for Midsize Companies to Grow Business with Cloud Based ERP Solutions

For the last several decades, large corporations have well-comprehended the criticality of modern ERP platforms to business success. A single version of the truth that can break information silos, connect systems, automates processes, and unlocks efficiency has undeniably been the motive force behind the stellar growth of today’s market movers across industries.

ERP for the Mid-market: Addressing the Growth Imperatives

The story so far has not been the same for the small and mid-tier organizations due to cost, technical and other constraints. However, things are changing fast and unmistakably to the advantage of the mid-market players!

If you are at the helm of one such organization that is focused on growth, you will probably agree that today spreadsheet-based management practices are increasingly falling out of your requirements. The intensifying competition, evolving customer expectations, and stringent regulations demand your organization to be more agile and responsive and Cloud Based ERP Solutions are designed to equip you for the existing market realities. A cloud ERP for the Mid-market helps you to run your mission-critical workloads from anywhere, explore and monetize innovative business models and expand globally without limitations.

How Does Cloud Based ERP Solutions Help Midsized Businesses to Grow?

As a midsized organization, we can underhand if you are apprehensive about putting your data on the cloud or committing time and efforts to a transition project. Still, we would like to point out that choosing a cloud ERP for the Mid-market is investing in the future of your business. Here are five compelling ways how Cloud Based ERP Solutions can help your business to grow:

Optimizing operational expenses: In contrast to on-premises ERP systems, Cloud Based ERP Solutions are delivered using SaaS models and are available for leveraging out of the box. Instead of undertaking colossal upfront capital investments in setting up infrastructures, in-house teams, and recurring expenses like licensing and upgradation fees, you can avail a cloud ERP for the Mid-market using a simple per/user-based subscription.

While ensuring faster time to value, Cloud Based ERP Solutions also allows you to use the latest version of the application without stretching your budget as all the maintenance workloads are handled automatically by the vendor.

Enhancing business performance: Unlike on-premises systems that may cost you a fortune to enhance and scale as per your growing business needs, Cloud Based ERP Solutions are highly modular and agile. For instance, you can ramp up or down the capabilities of a cloud ERP for the Mid-market to match the seasonality of demand, leading to much more efficient resource planning and allocation.

Further, the capabilities of the Cloud Based ERP Solutions are delivered as per strict SLA adherence, leading to maximum availability. Also, with Cloud Based ERP solutions, it is easier to afford and sustainably consume cutting-edge enterprise management capabilities. For example, SAP Business ByDesign, the leading cloud ERP for the Mid-market, runs on the SAP HANA in-memory database. It allows you to drive advanced analytics and complex business transactions with unmatched speed and precision.

Adapting to the New Normal: In the post-pandemic world, the concept of the workplace has undergone a perceivable shift, and Cloud Based ERP Solutions are equipped to help you cope with the change. Today, while work from home has become an undeniable reality, several on-premises systems are not readily configured to support remote or hybrid working models, creating performance roadblocks for teams.

On the contrary, Cloud Based ERP Solutions are built for a mobile-first world, allowing your employees to securely sign in using a device of their choice and access information anytime and anywhere beyond the office’s four walls. Also, Cloud Based ERP Solutions can integrate with other mobile APIs simplifying reporting and analytics, and consistent innovation by implementation leaders worldwide is only bringing in good news for the mid-market players. For instance, Perciquire, a mobile app developed by Percipere for SAP Business ByDesign, uses Google Assistant, allowing you to access information with a voice command.

Recovering fast from incidents: Notwithstanding the operational best practices that you may strictly observe, you can never totally discount the possibilities of unforeseen risks and disruptions to your operations. The cost of emerging from disasters can be unacceptable and overwhelming, especially if you do not have a business continuity plan in place.

However, Cloud Based ERP Solutions help you to develop resilience against such nightmare scenarios. With your business data hosted in the ERP vendor’s cloud, protected by redundant backups, you can recover fast and resume business as usual without missing out on opportunities.

Protecting business-critical information: Data privacy challenges are potential business risks and today, investing in better security solutions is a strategic imperative for businesses, irrespective of their sizes. However, while mid-market companies may not always have the required budgetary cushion, Cloud Based ERP Solutions help you to afford robust data security without breaking the bank.

Cloud ERP solution vendors like SAP are leading investors in advancing data and cybersecurity research worldwide. Your business data is securely locked in the cloud using multiple layers of encryption, security best practices, and access-control technologies that companies hosting their data on-premises can mostly dream of.

Final Note

Based on your business goals, there are innumerable ways in which an agile cloud ERP for the Mid-market can improve preparedness, save costs, unlock productivity and help your organization to grow. However, we believe that an ideal grow-oriented implementation strategy for Cloud Based ERP Solutions should combine technical skills with business understanding in your industry context.

Therefore, as an SAP Gold Partner, we prioritize discovering your unique business needs and bring our decades-worth of technology and industry experience in addressing those problems. We invite you to get in touch with one of our certified SAP consultants to find out how this approach has helped us be counted as one of the most trusted Cloud Based ERP Solutions implementation partners globally.

Author: Percipere

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