The Story of Sejal Surve

They say that at Percipere, we do the difficult immediately, while the impossible takes a little longer. However, if asked about who keeps us well-equipped and provided as we pull off such amazing feats, one name is sure to feature at the forefront. It is that of Sejal Surve, our Global IT Administrator (COE)!

As a senior merchandiser, Sejal is no stranger to the complexities and thrill of managing the supply chain for businesses. At Percipere, she found the right fit for her skills: Keeping an enthusiastic team of high performers furnished for the job. In her words, “Percipere gave me an opportunity post the pause I took in my career, and I am always grateful for this opportunity at the right time.”

For someone out of a hiatus, Sejal had her sheen intact and soon became the go-to person for the team concerning all logistical support needs.

While Sejal’s presence around here has been synonymous with reliability and assurance for all PerciPeers, how has the journey been from her perspective? How does she recount the last two years as part of Team Percipere? “It is indeed going great!” she replies, “I have learned and mastered multiple areas in the past two years.”

Sejal is no exception to many of her teammates, thanks to Percipere’s conducive work culture! It not only allows us enough opportunities for career progression but also the scope to pursue individual interests of mastering the adjacent skillsets.

It’s Percipere’s unique work culture that binds us all together, and being a part of the team is rewarding enough in itself! “I highly appreciate the Percipere culture, work environment and awesome team,” Sejal agrees.

While the work environment here is highly demanding, giving rise to new challenges almost daily; guidance and help at Percipere are only a call away. The company is built with an open-door policy, ensuring that our leaders and mentors are always available, and teammates are always supportive.

“I love every part of my profile. At Percipere, no individual stands alone and in such a collaborative atmosphere, addressing challenges with perfection becomes more of a fun activity than a burden. It involves constant communication with the leadership and the teams and solving daily challenges to maximise value for our customers. That’s something I really enjoy,” reveals Sejal.

But is Sejal only known for her proficiency and exceptional ability to help the teams with what they do? Of course not! In fact, she is one of the most creative and ingenious PerciPeers who not only takes part but also actively participates in planning many of the group activities for the team. “I am always excited to check out the new reels uploaded by the team on our official Instagram account,” says Sejal, several of which feature herself.

What drives Sejal and motivates her to give her best at the job every day? “The leadership team are the pillar of motivation for me,” Sejal replies. Indeed, Percipere is differentiated by its leaders, who are exceptionally close to the team members in both functional and moral aspects. They walk alongside us, sharing our successes and shortcomings alike.

Consequently, the ever supportive and nurturing nature and positive attitude towards work and life are standards we PerciPeers constantly strive to achieve for ourselves. For Sejal, its no different!


Author: Silviya Ilieva

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