As India continues to maximize efforts on steering its way ahead of all adversities, the SMEs are playing an integral role in paving the way for a strong comeback.  

A significant number of SMEs are in the transition phase today, and are set to mature into large enterprises in the next decade generating over $2.5 Trillion of economic value. This makes the current phase crucial for both, their growth as well as the country’s.

The need of the hour?

  • Build a strong and cost effective backbone to support growth

  • Augment and equip business with real time information to make quick decisions

  • Expand geographies and new business opportunities without service and technology constraints

With the ‘Make in India’ movement and Prime Minister’s call to ‘ Go Vocal for Local’ the opportunities in the manufacturing and service sector are phenomenal and only continue to open newer avenues. What the SMEs require is the ability to scale to meet expectations and seize the opportunities available to them. 

Rajeshwari Bhattacharyya
Co-Founder & Global Head


Abhay Mehta
Director – Delivery Services
& Operations, Percipere

in a Virtual Conference with

Samir Sathe
Executive Vice President
Wadhwani Foundation

"SMEs Catalyzing India’s Comeback."