Robotic Process Automation
Build your roadmap to efficiency, speed and accuracy in business processes

Redefine the future of work for your enterprise

We are seeing the rise of “robotic and cognitive enterprise”. Analysts reckon RPA will achieve “near universal adoption” in the next 5 years and organizations will lower operational costs by 30%. Areas such as digitization of media assets, process automation in manufacturing, customer support and analytics in banking/finance,smart retail and public sector initiatives are accelerating adoption of robotics.

Intelligent automation or hyper automation of routine, mundane, high volume, and repeatable tasks improves process efficiencies while enabling true enterprise innovation.

Maximize productivity

Maximize Productivity

Streamline workflows

Streamline Workflows

Reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Minimise errors

Minimise Errors

Drive compliance

Drive Compliance

Deliver superior experiences

Deliver Superior Experiences

Percipere Solutions

As a UiPath partner, Percipere helps you leverage the business advantage that robotic process automation has to offer. Based on needs and current infrastructure, we enable automation in processes with well-laid plans and efficient change management.

  • Advisory on Organisational RPA roadmap and Process (Re)-Engineering
  • RPA implementation using UiPath
  • Consulting on solutioning/Architecture for Blockchain based implementation
  • Advisory on security processes, policies, risk/ incident management
  • Integrate RPA with your SAP ERP packages

UiPath Partnership

Uipath Logo

UiPath is a market leading RPA platform provider with integrated solutions across all business functions including sales, procurement, HR, Finance and more. Easily the most developer-friendly of the leading RPA products, UI Path provides for visual process design and multiple industry business cases available for ready use. We enable strategic roadmapping and implementation of RPA using UiPath.

RPA more relevant than ever before

The post-covid enterprise world is accelerating towards distributed, yet low-touch and high automation process management. Small, medium and large enterprises, globally, are already leveraging UiPath as platform for that journey. See how RPA technology from UiPath can fit your business specific needs.

Discover the combined power of SAP and RPA with Percipere

UiPath products provide automation capabilities to SAP cloud based applications including pre-built native integrations into SAP. We leverage our depth of expertise SAP Technologies to stitch together reliable automation solutions across SAP systems. Enable friction less organizational processes across functions such as Finance, HR, Procurement and Sales. Gain access to pre-built templates, integrations and use cases.

RPA – The least disruptive route to cost-efficiency and compliance

Get access to a full suite of tools and processes designed specifically to automate digital processes with minimum fuss, maximum ease. Log into applications, connect to APIs, read/write to databases, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill in forms, extract structured and semi-structured data from documents, scrape from the web, and more. Ask for a Demo today.

Explore opportunities for Automation

While automation is gaining increased traction, here are the few areas where we have seen rapid adoption of RPA.

Banking & Financial Services

AR/AP, General Ledger, Cards Activation, Fraud Management


Claims Processing, Customer Onboarding


Patient Registration, Reports Automation, System Reconciliation


BOM Generation, Procurement and Pricing, Order management

Hi-Tech and Telecom

Quality Reporting, Service Order Management

Energy & Utilities

Account Setup, Billing

RPA Adoption by Process

The Percipere Advantage

  • We are UiPath partners possessing the right skills in process engineering
  • Expertise in SAP allows us bring value into RPA and process consulting and implement an integrated solution
  • Industry specific accelerator packages