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In the Battle of Brands, legacy systems can hinder your startup's success. Percipere, your transformation partner, offers expertise, agility, and end-to-end solutions to help your Next Big Idea thrive in the fast lane.

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As a leading Business Process Integrator, Percipere has the inherent capabilities to assess your needs, conceive solutions, and deliver predictable value within the shortest possible time through agile implementatioan. Irrespective of the problem statement that you choose to target for your startup, we guarantee first-time-right outcomes:

Enterprise Management:

As your startup grows, traditional management practices won't suffice. Efficient processes and transparency are vital for success. A cloud ERP system streamlines operations, improves financial visibility, and boosts investor confidence.

As your startup grows, traditional management practices won’t suffice. Efficient processes and transparency are vital for success. A cloud ERP system streamlines operations, improves financial visibility, and boosts investor confidence.


As an SAP Gold Partner, Percipere specialises in the deep discovery of startup business needs and delivers outcomes within the shortest possible timeline with the agile implementation of SAP Cloud ERP systems. Our offerings include:

SAP ERP / EPM Implementations:

Percipere is a pioneer in cloud ERP implementation with global implementation capabilities across the SAP stack.

SAP Upgrade Services:

We possess expertise in technical conversion from SAP ECC to S/4HANA, helping you to effectively upgrade to the next release.

Custom SAP Solutions:

Percipere can handle onsite or remote delivery of change requests for cost-effective measures, simplifying the implementation of GAPs via Change request.

Key Business Priorities To Help Startups WIN


Funding is vital for startup growth, but the odds are slim – only 1% receive investment, and just 0.05% from VCs due to rigorous scrutiny.

Cloud ERP System is the solution, offering integrated finance, operations, and HR for real-time financial insights, demonstrating responsible financial management and instilling investor confidence.

Commercial Flexibility:

Startups require agility.

SaaS Delivery offers subscription-based flexibility, enabling them to scale as needed, try new applications without long-term commitments, and swiftly respond to market shifts and opportunities in a dynamic business environment.


Startups need guidance. With only 22% having mentors, on-demand access to experienced partners is crucial.

Business Process Integration & Packaged Implementation offer tailored solutions, leveraging successful strategies, and ensuring first-time right outcomes through templated implementation and best practices.

Technology Platform:

Startups thrive with flexible tech – 80% boost revenue with agile enterprise tech.

A Business Technology Platform lets startups choose and integrate specific services, aligning with their unique business models. It keeps them adaptable, efficient, and innovative in a dynamic market, inspiring customer delight.

Financial Planning & Analysis

For startups with new business models, navigating complex finances is crucial. Without effective financial planning and analysis (FP&A), you risk making uninformed decisions. FP&A helps create robust plans, allocate resources, and secure investor confidence. Tailored FP&A provides real-time insights for agile adaptation in competitive markets, ensuring financial health and sustainable growth.

Packaged Implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud, FP&A

Percipere offers a packaged implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud built using our years of experience analyzing startup needs and targeted to meet their FP&A requirements. It combines analytics and planning with unique integration to SAP applications and smooth access to heterogeneous data sources, delivering trusted insights and integrated planning processes for you to make better decisions.

Flexible Technology Infusion

Legacy tech stacks hinder startup agility in a fast-paced market, impeding strategy shifts, market response, and opportunity capture. An integrated Business Technology Platform offers tools for rapid, secure, and innovative solutions. This enables streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, improved customer experiences, and unprecedented targeting of business challenges.

Warehouse scanning application built on SAP Business Technology Platform

PERCISCAN is a unique mobile-first inventory scanning app by Percipere, designed for comprehensive warehouse management compatible with SAP Cloud ERP. Streamline inventory workflows, cut operational costs, and enhance warehouse efficiency. This robust SaaS app simplifies inbound and outbound logistics, addressing multiple warehouse scenarios. 

Inbound Logistics

Goods Movement & Replenishment

Physical Inventory & Printing

Production Movement

Outbound Processes

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