The Story of Tejas Bhoir

Meet Tejas Bhoir, a computer engineer and SAP consultant at Percipere who has been an integral part of the company for the past two years. In this edition of the People of Percipere series, we take a closer look at Tejas’s journey with Percipere, his experiences, and how he has grown both personally and professionally […]

The Story of Shruti Joshi

Meet Shruti Joshi, an SAP Consultant at Percipere who has been with the company for two years. Join us on this edition of the People of Percipere series as we delve into Shruti’s story and how she has brought positive changes within our organisation. Shruti is known for her friendly nature and infectious smile, which […]

The Story of Sharayu Thombre

The Story of Sharayu Thombre

How often do you meet an engineer whose fluency in various programming languages matches her penchant for creative writing, acting and public speaking? Rare as it may be in the world outside, you can find it among the bouquet of talent within the walls of Percipere. Because here, we have Sharayu Thombre, one of our […]

The Story of Sejal Surve

The Story of Sejal Surve

They say that at Percipere, we do the difficult immediately, while the impossible takes a little longer. However, if asked about who keeps us well-equipped and provided as we pull off such amazing feats, one name is sure to feature at the forefront. It is that of Sejal Surve, our Global IT Administrator (COE)! As […]

Netting of Payables and Receivable

Netting of payables and receivable

SAP manages its suppliers and customers master data as business partners. If any partner is both supplier and customer, assign different roles to it, and use one business partner. But there could be instances wherein we have created a particular partner as a supplier, and then later they are our customers as well or vice […]

The Story of Praveen Laungani

Story of Praveen Laungani

What makes a Chartered Accountant and a gifted entrepreneur choose a career in Robotic Process Automation and Process Mining? Is

People of Percipere

Creative, diligent, and hardworking are the words that exemplify Soumitra in a nutshell. Within the walls of Percipere (and beyond),

Creating Cloud-Based Excellence With SAP Business ByDesign

Creating cloud-based excellence with SAP business ByDesign

With the unprecedented and unimaginable impacts of COVID-19 disrupting businesses and societies around the globe, many organizations face an unending time plan for returning to normal. This period of challenge and uncertainty has highlighted the importance of cloud-based solutions that provide business transparency and agility. Click Here To View Full Article Author: Sourabh Karmarkar, Principal […]

What is Cloud-based ERP and How Does it Work

What is cloud based erp

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have conventionally been thought to be the reserved turf of large corporations with deep pockets. Indeed, despite their proven benefits, the significant upfront investments needed for on-premises infrastructure deployments and maintenance kept ERPs beyond the reach of small and mid-tier organizations for many years. However, the advent of the cloud […]