Prathamesh - Our CEO


Managing Director

Before founding Percipere, Prathamesh’s career took him from Associate Consultant to Senior Solution Architect over ten years, working with global market leaders for Media, Finance and Supply Chain. He travelled and lived across the globe, including the US, UK, Europe, Asia. He believes that his interaction with people from various geographies, cultures, and beliefs, expanded his horizons for life in general. It also allowed Prathamesh to build a network of like-minded individuals that today form the nucleus of Percipere.

As a technologist and thought leader, Prathamesh is passionate and nearly obsessed with simplifying the application of cutting-edge technologies to modern business use cases. As the Managing Director of Percipere, his biggest mission is to build the world’s most preferred “Business Transformation Partner” that understands real customer problems, is employee-centric and collaborates to win.

Prathamesh is a lifelong sportsperson. The importance of mental prep, navigating through team dynamics and the spirit to survive and sustain are just some of the key learnings he brings from the field to the boardroom.


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