Past Webinars

Transforming Customer Experience – Fast Tracking Distribution Success

Technology is transforming the way small and midsize organizations do business. The recent futures need the wholesale distribution companies to embrace digital transformation, but many wholesale distributors are not sure where to start. That’s why it’s essential to understand how and when adopting digital technologies will help their business.

During the webinar, our experts explained about how investing in SAP Business ByDesign will help streamline the complex supply chain, achieve business information anytime, anywhere, and transform the customer’s experience.

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    A quick snapshot of the topics covered in the webinar:

    • The Wholesale Distribution Industry has been agile and innovative to turn the current adversity into an opportunity by employing digitization.
    • Technology expert Percipere provided a preview of the pivotal role technology can play in supporting businesses in the Distribution segment.
    • An integrated suite like SAP Business ByDesign will set the framework for streamlining business functions and providing the right impetus on analytics to ensure fast and efficient business decisions.
    • In a tech debut section, Percipere labs demonstrated successful integration of Google Assistant with SAP Business ByDesign along with a scanning application for efficient inventory management.