SAP Business ByDesign

Next Generation ERP

SAP Business ByDesign is cloud based Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, fully integrated and is designed for all types of small to medium sized businesses and subsidiaries of larger enterprises. It entails minimized infrastructure costs and maximize collaboration across the discrete, organization-wide processes with in-depth analytics.

Scale your Enterprise by integrating the power of ByDesign

SAP ByDesign the Right Fit

  • Enterprises in need of integrated business application
  • Growing midsize companies with local and global footprint
  • Seeking secure yet small & agile IT function to suit the size of the business

Reasons to Choose SAP Business ByDesign

  • Completely integrated solution across all business functions including sales, procurement, HR, Finance and more.
  • Easy to configure and rapid roll out of powerful business management software.
  • Cloud based solution which entails reduced cost but without reducing benefits.
  • Ongoing and continuous innovation backed by SAP’s delivery available to businesses.
  • Compliant across countries in terms of legal, tax, and other requirements
  • Advanced and integrated analytics including business analytics, KPI trends, customer activity, project updates and much more.
  • Comprehensive set of mobile apps for people on the go


Percipere and SAP Business ByDesign

  • Our SAP Business ByDesign global consulting experts have successfully implemented and managed implementations across UK, UAE, India, Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world.
  • Our SAP ByDesign developers in India & UK carry the technical know-how of importing data from different sources thereby helping in project timeline and cost reduction.
  • We are one amongst the few partners possessing the right skills in building and supporting all of the By Design modules.

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