Value Assurance Services

Assessing the value of business transformation projects is critical to the determination of the actual ROI. So, it is important to determine the value cum risk metrics to understand the performance vis-a-vis business objectives. It is important to marry transformation with the value proposition it offers and measure the performance vis-a-vis the bold ambitions. In the race with competition, the measure of actual value derived, true efficiencies achieved need to be objectively measured. value proposition versus value derivation is the key to ensure that businesses are growing consistently and will evolve in the future, else it can spawn the disruption of the entire industry leaving powerful corporates behind more agile competitors.

Percipere Offering

  • Programme validation by measuring the key objectives with the costs, investments and risks associated with it.
  • Value cum risk assessment to understand the projects holistically and recommend the right solutions and mitigations.
  • Realizing and measuring business benefits and outcomes out of the projects and assess the value derived against the value forecasted.