Are you still apprehensive about using RPA for automating your enterprise workloads? Let us simplify this for you. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2022, 90% of organizations, irrespective of their sizes and business lines, will use RPA in some form. Amidst such realities, while the risks of being overrun by competition are indeed great, even greater are the rewards awaiting those who are bold enough to embrace process automation as a strategic goal.

RPA bots can accelerate rule-based tasks in high-toil environments, unlocking speed and precision hitherto impossible through manual interventions. Bot-driven process outcomes are error-free, ensuring much greater conformance to Standard Operating Procedures and can optimize your operational overheads.

However, please do not take our word for it! Use the Percipere RPA ROI Calculator to visualize the possible cost of automating your existing processes and the tentative savings you can reap from such investments.

How To Use The Percipere RPA ROI Calculator

For this exercise, consider one of your most tedious and repetitive processes that have been consistently slowing down business outcomes.
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Complete the following values with your company's most tedious, manual and repetitive part.

Workload Analysis Inputs

(Considering 22 working days in a month)


Inputs for Development & Licensing Costings

Infrastructure & Implementation Cost

Inputs for Error Benefits

Additional Benefits - Annual


The Percipere RPA ROI Calculator runs on the following assumptions:

  • For determining the RPA cost, the software people and infrastructure aspects have been considered. The calculator only considers the human workforce bandwidth saved through automation, excluding the qualitative benefits and the administrative cost savings.
  • Staff time disengaged through RPA can be invested in more strategically rewarding roles, creating exponential value. Such considerations have been excluded from the calculations.
  • The RPA products come with both attended and unattended robots with an orchestration package. The calculation considers un-attended robots by default. While this calculation gives the closest possible estimate, the exact cost will vary as per the number of robots and their use cases.
  • The estimates are indicative. The actual cost will be provided upon further assessment and scope analysis.

Workload Analysis via BOT

Average Monthly

AHT for each case
(in minutes)

Average cases resolved by

Number of BOT’s required for processing

Cost Benefits - 1st Year

Total Monthly Cost savings

Total Annual Cost Savings

Break Even Analysis

Investment Recovery Time
(in Months)

Cost Benefits - 2nd to 5th Year

Total Annual Cost savings





Cost Benefits - with Error benefits

Total Annual Cost savings


Cost Benefits - All benefits (Error + Additional)

Total Annual Cost savings


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